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Dr. Andy, DVM

Dr. Andy, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarian specializing in small animals

31,000 Satisfied customers

Pearl avatarPearl Wilson, Assistant

Chat with a Cat Veterinarian in minutes, 24/7

Cats not eating, urinary tract infections, litter box training and more
Review symptoms, medications & behavior to keep your pets healthy
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What's included:

Unlimited conversations with Cat Veterinarians

Unlimited conversations with Cat Veterinarians

Connect with a verified cat veterinarian in minutes. No waiting for appointments. No high fees. No spooked cats.

About any issue

About any issue

We can help when your cat isn't eating, when they're vomiting or losing weight, when they're having behavioral or litter box issues, and any other cat veterinary issue you may encounter.

For every cat

For every cat

We have veterinarians and cat specialists to help care for your kitten, adult cat, senior cat, exotic breed, stray cat, long-haired cat, territorial male cat, pregnant cats and more: our network of cat veterinarians can answer your cat questions—now.

At any hour

At any hour

A team of licensed cat veterinarians is on-call, 24/7, ready to help keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

Thousands of highly rated,
verified Cat Veterinarians
Specialties include: Cat Veterinary, Cat Symptoms, Cat Poisoning, Cats in Heat, Cat Diseases, Veterinary and more.

How it works

  • Connect

    Tell the Vets' assistant what's going on so that she can find the most qualified cat veterinarian to answer your questions.

  • Go back-and-forth

    Connect with Cat Vets via email, text, or phone. Include photos, blood work, and other documents to ensure you get the best answer.

  • Keep your cat healthy

    When your cat has any health scare or behavioral problem, get answers from a licensed vet in minutes, 24/7.

Trusted and secure

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