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PDtax, CPA firm owner, business consultant, author
Category: Single Problem
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Experience:  I have been a business consultant and college instructor for years.
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If a statement of cash flows says: cash flow from operating

Customer Question

if a statement of cash flows says:
cash flow from operating activities (200)
cash flow from investing activities (1000)
cash flow from financing activities (250)
cash and marketable securities beginning of the year 700
would this be a cause for concern?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Single Problem
Expert:  Lane replied 11 months ago.


You've not rovided NEARLY enough of the contextual information (what the business IS, for example, what the objectives are)


Is this a homework question?


If so let me know and I'll move this to homework





I hold a law degree, (Juris Doctorate), with concentration in Tax Law, Estate law & Corporate law, an MBA, with specialization in financial accounting & tax, a BBA, and CFP & CRPS designations, as well - I’ve been providing financial, Social Security/Medicare, estate, corporate, non-profit, and tax advice, since 1986.

Expert:  Manal Elkhoshkhany replied 11 months ago.


I can help you, but I need to know your deadline and also please advise if there is a minimum word count. I prefer to work through email so I will send you an offer for email help, this is a premium service offered by Just Answer and involves an additional charge, but it is more private since no one will be able to see the answer but you and it also makes communication easier in case you need any clarification. Since I agree with the amount offered, I will charge the lowest possible charge for email help ($5). If you decide to accept the offer, you will see a small tab under this window that says "enter private contact info", click on the tab and enter your email address


Expert:  PDtax replied 11 months ago.

Hi from Just Answer. I'mCustomer I'll assist.

I would be concerned. Rounded figures like these show no concern for accuracy, which makes me doubt the entire statement of cash flows.

Please advise if I'm on the right track.


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