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Phil is advised by s family physician that s dependent son,,

Customer Question

Phil is advised by his family physician that his dependent son, Tony, needs surgery for a benign tumor in his leg. Phil and his son travel to Rochester, Minnesota, for in-patient treatment at the Mayo Clinic, which specializes in this type of surgery.
Phil incurred the following costs: Round-trip airfare($375 each) 750 Phil's hotel in Rochester for four nights($105 per night) 420 Phil's meals while in Rochester 150 Tony's medical treatment 1500 Tony's prescription medicine 300 compute Phil's medical expenses
for the trip (before the 10% floor) a. $2550 b.$2750 c.$2970 d.$3120 e. none of the above Please carefully read publication 502 medical and dental expenses and then answer this question. Also, by the way, is the cable TV service in the medical room should
be included in medical expense deduction?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Single Problem
Expert:  Bizhelp replied 1 year ago.


Thanks for your question.

The answer is b.$2750

$750 air fare + ($50 x 4) lodging limited to $50/night + $1500 medical treatment + $300 prescriptions = $2750 medical expenses to be deducted. No, the cable TV service expense should not be included in the deduction.

Hope this helps!