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For a manufacturer of cross-country buses, describe the major

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For a manufacturer of cross-country buses, describe the major elements of its value chain and which may be the most and least amenable to outsourcing. Explain your answer.

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For a manufacturer of cross-country buses, some of the major elements of its value chain include
a. Manufacturing which may be the least amenable to outsourcing particularly if this comprises the firm's competitive advantage
b. After sales service which may be the most amenable to outsourcing since it can easily train people to maintain and repair its buses


You did not have a word length requirement. If you need more description, just hit reply.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the quick response Greg. This questions is only 1 of 3 and so there really was not a dedicated word length requirement. However, on top of the two examples you provided, would there be additional amendables for outsourcing or not?

These would be the main ones.


They are not going to outsource the production of the product itself as that is where the "name" comes in. However, the after sales support structure, and even if they have independent sales agents, could be outsourced more efficiently. They could outsource some of the financing and payment structure as well.

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