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judybailey61, Bachelor's Degree
Category: Short Essay (2 pages or less)
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L need an essay to submit my application resident permit to

Customer Question

l need an essay to submit my application for student resident permit to study business management in Sweden below is what my friend will submit ,l needed another version for myself but a bit different in word but same pattern I am looking forward to studying
in Sweden, mainly because of its views on high educational values, in addition to the opportunities afforded to international students. Studying abroad is an important key to self-growth and being educated in a country such as Sweden will open my eyes to a
culture, language and customs different from my own. My family and friends are very supportive of me choosing to study abroad and in Sweden. I look forward to learning the Swedish language and communicating in both English and Swedish with my new University
colleagues. I plan to major in Business Management and the body of study offered, will help build a strong foundational block in the many sub-categories included in business administration, such as accounting, business law, banking, economics, marketing, management
and many more. By living and studying abroad, I will be given the ‘real’ opportunity to learn how international business is successfully conducted. University study in Sweden will allow me to add to my skill-set and give me the advantage of moving forward
in my career, after graduation, when I plan to return to my home country and put all my knowledge to good use, in the business field. I will always be mindful of obeying all rules and laws, while in your country and learn about the acceptable social norms.
I look forward with great anticipation, to learning more about the similarities and differences between our two countries and ways of life. I am requesting your help in getting this residency document processed and approved and will comply with whatever steps
are necessary. My education is a very important part of my life and I wish to complete my higher educational studies in your wonderful country; I am hopeful that you will aid me in accomplishing this
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Short Essay (2 pages or less)
Expert:  asciandwildlife replied 1 year ago.

Hello I would be glad to assist. When is this due?

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