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Bayside General Hospital is in a community that is changing.

Customer Question

Bayside General Hospital is in a community that is changing. It had been an industrial city, but many of the industries have closed. The local college is growing and is now the number one employer. Other major businesses include healthcare and a local amusement park. The population is also changing. There is a great increase of young people because of the college and work available at the amusement park. A new hospital is opening up in a year. It will be a high-tech facility. The only currently existing hospital competing against you has the trauma center for the area and is opening an OB service. There is no children’s hospital in the area. Both existing hospitals treat some pediatric patients; however, seriously ill pediatric patients are sent to the closest children’s hospital, which is located 2 hours away. Bayside General Hospital has recently added physician offices, home health, and an occupational health center to their network. They have not networked and implemented existing systems to these organiza- tions. Administration developed the following business objectives: • Improve quality of care provided to patients Use hospital resources effectively and efficiently • Increase market share of healthcare services provided within Bayside Bayside General Hospital has the following information systems implemented: • Lab information system was implemented 5 years ago • Radiology information system was implemented last year • Nursing information system was implemented 3 years ago • Hospital information system was implemented 10 years ago • Decision support system goes live in 6 months • Financial information system was implemented 2 years ago • Electronic health record The hospital does not have the following systems: • Knowledge-based system • Order entry/results reporting • Intensive care unit • Data repository Based on the information above: 1. How well are systems in place to meet the objectives? 2. Determine possible projects to ensure that the objectives are met. 3. How can you use technology to prepare for the changes in the community? 4. How will HIM be affected by your proposed projects?

Electronic Health Records: Understanding and Using Computerized Medical Records, Author: Richard Gartee, 2nd edition Pearson Education, ISBN: 978-0132499767

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Short Essay (2 pages or less)
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.
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