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Need help regarding American history questions

Customer Question

Need help on American History multiple choice with 2 200 word essay question.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Short Essay (2 pages or less)
Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.
kghinaglia :

Hi! I can assist. How many MC questions will you be posting with the two essay questions? Thanks

JACUSTOMER-il13ems8- : I have about 3 or 4 assessments each is about 10 mc questions
kghinaglia :

It is like 40 questions and two essays of 200 words each. Correct?

JACUSTOMER-il13ems8- : Yes, each has 2 200 word essays
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Iroquois developed a confederation to:Answer

encourage fur trading with the French.
create alliances to combat English colonization.
control violence that may have occurred over territory conflicts.
eliminate the development of chiefdoms.

3 points

Question 2

The Mayan people developed a number of significant achievements between 300 BCE and 900 CE. Which of the following would NOT be considered one of those achievements?Answer

  1. An advanced system of writing
    Knowledge of mathematics
    The use of rice as a staple crop
    A calendar system

3 points

Question 3

Which of the following played a major role in the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs?Answer

  1. The pacifism displayed by the Aztecs
    Diseases to which the Aztecs lacked natural immunity
    The Spaniards' humane treatment of the Aztecs
    The inability of the Spanish to create alliances with neighboring Natives

3 points

Question 4

Which event served to effectively end Spanish domination in the New World?Answer

  1. Jacques Cartier's exploration of the St. Lawrence River
    The founding of St. Augustine.
    The English establishment of a colony at Roanoke.
    The English defeat of the Spanish Armada.

3 points

Question 5

In an effort to subjugate the Native Americans, the Spanish engaged in all of the following practices EXCEPT:Answer

  1. prohibiting marriage between Spanish colonists and Native women.
    installing Spaniards in positions of political power.
    killing Native leaders such as warriors and priests.
    forcing the Natives into slavery.

3 points

Question 6

The religious dissatisfaction, that ultimately played a factor in the colonization of the New World by "Separatists," began in 1517 when which of the following men publically protested the Catholic Church?Answer

  1. Martin Luther
    John Calvin
    John Wesley
    James Stuart

3 points

Question 7

Which of the following MOST exactly explains why Henry VIII began the English Reformation?Answer

  1. He converted to Protestant ideals.
    He wanted control of the church.
    He wanted to change English Christianity.
    The pope refused to support his request for an annulment.

3 points

Question 8

Which is NOT viewed as a result of the fur trade?Answer

  1. An increase in warfare among Native groups
    An increasing Native dependence on European goods
    An increase in the number of African slaves shipped to the Americas
    Epidemic diseases that weakened the Native population

3 points

Question 9

Cahokia was the largest and most spectacular community of what North American society?Answer

  1. Anasazi

3 points

Question 10

Native communities in what is today considered Mexico based their system of farming around what stable crop?Answer

  1. Maize

3 points

Question 11

During the second migration, the Athapascans migrated to the Southwest, and both the __________ and _________ trace their ancestry to this group.Answer

2 points

Question 12

In comparison to __________ communities, farming communities were more complex but also less stable.Answer

2 points

Question 13

Prior to European colonization, warfare was common amongst farming communities as a method to gain additional __________.Answer

2 points

Question 14

While mysterious events kept the community from achieving permanence, __________ was the first English community established in the Americas.Answer

2 points

Question 15

One factor that led the Anasazis to abandon the Four Corners area was the frequent raids by the __________.Answer

2 points

Question 16

The 1400s marked a time of exploration and expansion for Europe. Identify and explain three developments that stimulated this age of exploration.Answer

30 points

Question 17

The Spanish, French, and English all explored America and left a lasting mark on the New World’s development. Compare and contrast the colonization methods used by each. Be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each power’s methods.Answer

30 points

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Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.
How many questions is each exam? I cannot see the options to respond after question 11 please repost the questions after #11. Thanks