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1.Outline the policy-making process in the United States. Give

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1.Outline the policy-making process in the United States. Give examples of how the process works at each stage.

2. Discuss the importance of budgeting to the policy-making process.

Must be 500 word essay in APA style with references. NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!!!
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I would be happy to provide you with the information that you require. Please let me know when you need this and I will be happy to assist.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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It is due tomorrow 07/14/12
Thanks for getting back to me. I am currently finishing with a very long paper. I could have this posted for you in a few hours. Is that o.k.?
Just wanted to let you know that I am currently writing and posting your information and you will have it shortly
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Thank you for allowing me to assist you today. The following is the information that you requested: ( word count of 621 )

Policy Making Process

The policy making process in the United States is set up to enable the most input and discussion to be made for each decision that is to be made. Public policy refers to the actions that are taken by the government. Even though it may not seem that this is always the case, decisions that are made as a result of the policy making process are intended to improve the quality of life for all citizens within the United States as well as to solve problems. Public policies that are made at the federal level are intended to regulate industries and businesses, to help the state and the city governments and also to hopefully encourage social goals for further improvements.

When a policy is established and eventually carried out by members of the government it goes through several steps from the first step to the last. The first step in the policy making process is known as agenda building. Simply put, before a policy can be created, it must call the attention of members of the government. The best example of this is the new legislation regarding terrorism. The U.S. Patriot act did not occur until the horrible terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Agenda building means that high levels of attention are placed on a topic by the general population.

The next level of the policy making process is formulation and adoption. Policy formulation means coming up with a way to solve a problem. Because there are more than one branches of the government and there are interest groups for most branches there needs to be a specific, and agreed upon method, of solving a problem. It is important to mention that policy formulation does have a tangible outcome. That outcome being that a bill goes to Congress then continues with adoption. A policy is then adopted when Congress passes the legislation. When this happens, regulations become final.

The last step in the policy making process is implementation. This is when the policy is used and put into practice. For example, when a policy is put into place regarding recycling laws, it does not actually get implemented until the city authorities begin to enforce the policy. Implementation essentially lies in the hands of the individuals that the policy directly effects.

Within the policy making process it is very important to keep budgeting in the process. The most thought out plan can not, and ultimately will not, succeed without the proper budget. If the government passes a plan to the public, and the government is going to be the source of the funds to the states for how the plan will be enacted, the money has to come from somewhere. This is a major issue and one that needs to be kept in mind. A prime example is the No Child Left Behind Act. This act was basically put upon each individual state for their school system to find their own ways to not leave a child behind. The government was not going to provide funds to these states for the schools to use. In fact, the schools had to find their own way to make the money and to make the plan work. The end result was that each school system took money from other areas to use for the No Child Left Behind Act. This is an excellent example to demonstrate how budgeting is important for the policy making process.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Lisa,

Thank you but I apologize that I was not fully clear It suppose to be 500 words per question. I am sorry this is good I like it I think adding a little more to budgeting will do it.


I can add more if you need, but the word count is 621, Are you saying that you need 500 for policy making and 500 for budgeting, a total of 1,000 words? Please let me know fairly soon so I can complete, if needed.
I will be logging off for the evening, so I am going to add more information for budgeting and have it posted shortly

The following is additional information for the budgeting process. Simply add this after the last paragraph. (word count of 387) Total of 1,010

Another example of just how important budgeting is to the policy-making process is the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. This determines the way that Congress develops tax and spending legislation. These procedures are set out in this act. This was developed out of a need to have accountability and a way in which to have available funds for the policy making process. The main part of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 is that it requires Congress to develop a budget for each of the policy making committees.

One significant reason that budgeting is important for the policy making process is that there have been several instances that polices that were being initiated never made it through the whole policy making process because of a lack of funds. As previously mentioned, the first step of the policy making process is agenda building. It is in this step that attention being called to the potential policy occurs. It is also a major part of this first step of the policy making process that the question of "Where will the funds for this policy come from," be asked. If there is no preliminary budget in the plans, or one is not able to be designed, many potential policies do not make it passed the first step.

Not only is the question of a budget a part of the first step of the policy making process, it is also a large consideration in each step. The reason that the No Child Left Behind Act was passed even thought there was a lack of a budget was due to the misconception that since each state would be able to initiate it on their own, each state could fund this act in their own way. It is important to note that since The No Child Left Behind Act was passed, more attention has been placed on the budgeting aspect of the policy making process. Just as with any idea, plan, or potential policy, not only is there ea need for implementation, there is the need for funds.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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