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Food safety sanitation requirements

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Food safety sanitation requirements, storage, preparation, proper food handling, and presentation are the first steps in ensuring proper diet and nutrition for a child’s health and welfare. Using the Internet, research proper methods for each of these areas for your chosen age group and then write a 400–500 word essay about what you’ve learned.

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Food safety sanitation is important for a child. Child care homes and centers need to be careful about sanitizing and cleaning the areas where food is being prepared. One tablespoon of chlorine bleach per gallon of water will ensure that cutting boards and work areas are properly sanitized. Food preparers must wash their hands for twenty seconds before handling the food as well. Also, food preparers should make sure that they are avoiding cross-contamination (raw food drippings falling on cooked or other raw foods). Another way to be sure that food is properly sanitized for children is by throughly washing all fruits and vegetables in plain water. Food for children should be stored below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be kept warm above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw meat should be stored in a meat keeper. Food for children can be safely prepared by food preparers that wash their hands with warm soapy water before beginning food preparation. This should also be done any time that they are handling raw foods. In addition to washing their hands, food preparers should defrost the meat, seafood and poultry in the refrigerator, microwave, or in a watertight plastic bag that has been placed underneath cold water. Food should be prepared on a clean cutting board. The top of cans should be washed before usage. Food should be handled for a child by keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Improper temperatures will cause bacteria to grow, which could increase the risk of food-borne illnesses. Left overs should not be kept out at room temperature. Refrigerate the leftovers for children or throw them away. Make sure that the hamburger, poultry, and other meat is cooked properly. Do not serve foods that have been undercooked to children. For young children, be sure to cute their food up into bite-size pieces to prevent choking. Finally, food should be presented to a child properly. Food safety errors can be avoided through washing hands throughly before serving foods. Make sure that children are served foods on clean plates with clean utensils. If the child or children are not going to be served the food right away, make sure that the hot foods are hot and the cold foods are cold before serving it to them. Do not let the perishable food remain at room temperature for more than two hours. Following these steps and procedures will ensure that children are given food that has been properly sanitized, prepared, and presented..
ds566092, Master's Degree
Satisfied Customers: 12
Experience: Educated and experienced in editing and writing short essays.
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