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I've tecently been assaulted by someone I didn't know

Customer Question

Hello!! I've tecently been assaulted by someone I didn't know in a nightclub. This person attacked me with a bar stool over my head from behind causing me an injury on my head that required 14 staples at the hospital. The attack was totally unprovoked, unnecessary and without a warning. He then run away from the nightclub and try to escape from the police. I'm in Glasgow, Scotland and I really need to know what kind of sentence maybthis person be facing. There was witnesess and the CCTV recorded everything.
And if you knew also what amount of compensation woukd someone get after something like this that would help me!!
Thanks a lot
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
A sentence from a court depends on the crime and the effect on the victim but also the offenders personal circumstances and prior criminal record so I have insufficient information to answer You question other than to say that any court would be considering a custodial sentence.
As far as a CICA claim is concerned, much more medical information is needed as to recovery time, time off work, effect on you and long term prognosis. If you can provide that I could look at this in more detail for you.