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Hello, I received a DR10 conviction with a fine and no

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I received a DR10 conviction with a fine and no points on my license in 2010. Can I be refused a job because of it? I've done quite a fair bit of research on the subject, however the answers are very unclear. Furthermore, what is the difference between the conviction being 'spent' and 'unspent' ? Does a spent conviction still show up on your CBR? Can I apply for UK citizenship at all with a DR10. I've had permanent residency since 2009.
Thank you for your question.

How long was your disqualification and the amount of your fine?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

18 months and a £350 fine

You can be refused a job if the employer requires someone with a clean driving licence or with no past history of driving offences.

Your conviction becomes spent after 5 years. After that time you only have to disclose it on certain job applications.

The type of employment where questions about spent convictions can be asked include work in the financial sector, in child care positions, care services and health professions. Positions involving a particular level of trust, such as work in the in childcare and health professions, have to be exempt from the provisions of the ROA to ensure there is adequate protection for children and vulnerable people in particular.

A spent conviction will show up on your CBR however you can apply for UK citizenship. As long as you have no other convictions of note they should be OK about it.
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