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hi, i was put on the sex offender registration for 10 year

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hi, i was put on the sex offender registration for 10 year in 2000 then 3 year in 2010 which i finish on 2nd sept, i was charged with a sexual with a sexual offence in 2004 but the case never went to court as the pf dropped the case, and now the police that come out to see me said that i am on a sopo and have been since about 2004 also they said that if i dont re register on 2nd sept then i will be jailed for upto 5 years because the sopo is indefintily and i wll need to wait 15 years before i can appeal the sopo, the longest sentice i have had is 12 months, also i am in scotland
Thank you for your question.

If there is a SOPO in force then you must remain on the sex offenders register for as long as the order lasts. The minimum duration of a SOPO is five years. There is no upper limit.

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