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I have today recieved a Parking Charge Notice from Euro Car

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I have today recieved a Parking Charge Notice from Euro Car Parks, who say they have been appointed to manage the car park at Govan Cross shopping centre in Glasgow, to discourage the misuse of the car park regulations. They say that they used a camera to capture images of my vehicle entering and exiting the car park in order to calculate the length of stay. There are signs which say that there is free parking for 120 minutes and I went over that time. This is true, I am over 60 years old, I have mobility problems, the car is a mobility car and I have a blue badge, on the day in question, I have my sister with me who is in a wheelchair, which is too heavy for me to take any distance, so I did park, get her out into her wheelchair, let some friends take her into a cafe opposite the car park, and I proceeded to do all of the shopping which did take a considerable time, because I cannot walk very far, and I do have to keep stopping to rest. Does this 120 minute free parking mean that, blue badge holders are included. I would appreciate your guidance thank you before I am made to pay the eighty pounds or forty if I pay within fourteen days, thank you.
Thank you for your question.

Blue badge holders are not necessarily exempt from private parking charges and this area is not an area owned by a local authority such as a roadside or a public car park.

However, you should ignore the parking charge. To successfully pursuer for it they would have to prove that you knew and agreed to their terms and conditions and that accordingly there was a contractual obligation on you. They can't prove that. If they pursue you they won't win and none of these private operators ever go to court to sue for the charge.

Ignore it. They will send reminders and debt letters but just ignore them too and eventually they will go away. Remember this is NOT a valid parking ticket from a traffic warden. This is a private company and they have none of the powers given to local authorities in these situations.

I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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