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i have been accused of having a partner and therefore benefit

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i have been accused of having a partner and therefore benefit fraud. i was called for the interview under caution which i attended. I was under too much stress and my migraine started so i had to stop the interview.They opened up my application from 2003. I was told to come next week to continue i saw an ad for a private solicitor who would talk to dwp on my behalf they gave me a fixed price. now they are asking me alot of money about £1,000 just to make a statement and i cant afford this as i am a single parent living with four boys. Do i have to make a statement? What are my options? The solictor sent me a general letter saying i was with a parttner without giving me details. Are they not suppose to give me an indication what they have on me exactly.
Thank you for your question.

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Why have you not gone to a solicitor who can grant you legal aid?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did go to a solicitor but no one was willing to come with me on legal aid. then i saw this package deal and i thought i go for it . They have told me much details even the person they are suspect me of they only told me when i was on the phone to them asking them who they thought it was. I have been very ill for a while regarding my migraines and pervious to that ii used to have blackouts .They accusing me with someone who was my boss and landlord,my husband and i was working (3 youger children) and living above the premises rent free as accommodation was provided but my marriage was broken and i could not live there, my boss had another place but i had to pay for it .i applied for housing benefit and income support as i could not work with young children . i was asked why i left work i was only part time £60 a week. i dont know where to go from here. Do private solictors not tell you details of your case.

I'm not following your narrative. What have these solicitors done for you so far and what do you mean by not telling you about your case?
Customer: replied 4 years ago. please check the link they had stopped my interview and from what i gather they were to advice me on what to do.they just wrote that i was accused of being with a partner from 2003


They just emailed me around 4 pm to close my case because i haven't paid the money. I thought with the first basic package i would at least be given information about the i dont know where to go from here. i feel like i have not been given an explanation on my case how would i even begin to write a statement.

These are not lawyers. They are only after your money and have no interest in providing you with a service. You must seek advice from a legal aid solicitor. Get in touch with the Law Society of Scotland and they will help you find one.


Happy to discuss further.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

if they are not lawyers why are they advertising this that they can help and i sent a consent form to act on behalf of me as my lawyers what is that about then?

They are from England and they call themselves legal consultants. They wouldn't get away with that in Scotland but they are not solicitors.
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