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I live in a flat with a communal stair shared by three other

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I live in a flat with a communal stair shared by three other parties. The roof is in need of repair and is showing obvious and persistent leaks.
The two parties adjacent are uninterested in discussing the repairs and the party below me (I am on the top floor) is aware of this and is side stepping the repairs to 'our' side on the basis of him wanting to get the roof repaired in entirety. He is aware of the situation with regards XXXXX XXXXX two parties and I feel he is utilizing this to delay having to 'cough up' so to speak for the work.
He rents the property below which is also affected with damp as a cause of the roof leaking and as he doesn't stay there personally, I believe this adds to his abstinence.
Is there any law or ruling that I could site to force his hand into making the repairs albeit to 'our' side only.
Thank you for your question.

It's likely that common repairs are shared between the four flats and not just the two.

What do the title deeds say about common repairs?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am aware of the common repairs being shared by all tenants however I wonder if there was anything that would pertain to just the two parties affected. The other side does not have evident leaks n
No, the title deeds have to be the first port of call when deciding liability for such repairs. The affected parties may not be the only parties that are liable to contribute to the repairs.
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