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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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I want to drop the case of my wife. my wife now rlased under

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I want to drop the case of my wife. my wife now rlased under condition. I went to fiscals office the ase to write a letter for them to drop the case. I dont have the experience to write such letter>
Thank you for your question.

Generally the PF will not drop a case just because a husband or wife wants it. What precisely have you been told? I have a little difficulty following your narrative.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

there was an argument between me and my wife after that she hit me by stick so many times and bite me twice. with the moment of unger I went to the neerby police station to avoid more voilent. the reason behind this is to stop her from doing that again. the police ask doctor to see the site of hitting. He found alot of red and blue areas around my arm and back. Also there were two bites areas in my left hand. At that time police oficers went to my flat and arrest my wife. In the next day they take her to the court.In the court the the judge release under condition (she sign a paper to behave well). the next trial will be on 17 Jul 2013.

So I want to withdrew or drop the case. How can I do this. my wife is student in one of scotland universities. She will finish on Agust and leave the UK to our home and also we have four kids. I want a perfet solution or prescription.

Thank you

All you can do is write to the procurator fiscal. It will be entirely up to them whether they drop the case. After they have charged your wife you have no say in what happens thereafter. In Scotland the state prosecutes,not the person.
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