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Derogatory comments

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I have a problem with a family member and I suspect this person of making derogatory comments about me - when I am travelling with my husband the details of where we are staying and flights etc is given to my Mum through email. A certain family member gets to hear about these details and I believe sends derogatory comments to hotels and airlines etc. I have actually been discreetly notified a couple of times that this had happened and just a few of my family were the only people who knew about my arrangements. I am fed up of this as I believe it has been going on for years as there have been strange reactions at times when we have been travelling and like I said a few discreet notifications to myself that this had happened. I know it may sound somewhat strange - but I am really fed up of this ( which is due to jealousy, envy, control etc) . What can I do about this through the law as I would like to try to stop this problem?As I live in Scotland would this come under Scots law? I do not mind waiting for an answer a day or 2 if necessary - if more researchis needed
Thank you for your question.

Solicitors letter would be your first avenue, warning this person off. If that doesn't work then you would be entitled to apply to the sheriff court for an order for interdict and possibly also a protection from harassment order.

The sheriff court nearest to where this person stays would be the correct court to raise proceedings but you will require to instruct a solicitor as this is an ordinary civil court case.

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