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My Ex wife to be moved my kids away 6 months ago down south

Customer Question

My Ex wife to be moved my kids away 6 months ago down south and I could only just afford to see them once a month, she has now decided to return to Scotland next weekend and is expecting me to drop everything and sign a formal contarct that I will take the kids every second weekend and twice for tea through the week, I do not wish to sign anything as she is very unflexible, although she said if something comes up we can be flexible, this was not the case in the past, I was forced to take the kids on a weekend I was moving house as she was going out!
I have suggested I will take kids two weekends out of month (a month in advance not prearrangeing 6 months as she suggests) and will arrange which nights I can take them for tea, but this is not good enough, I work for a living and jobs arent easy to come by, but she is saying you must put kids first! I dont want to upset my employer and eventually lose my job. can she force me into signing an agreement of such?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  ScotsLawPro replied 8 years ago.



Thank You for your question.


What she is asking you to sign is known as a minute of agreement. The important word here is agreement, if you don't agree you don't sign it, so no she can't force you to sign.


I have read your question half a dozen times now and I can't see how agreement can't be reached as what you say is acceptable seems to be exactly what she is asking for. Two weekends out of a month equates to every second weekend unless you want two weekends in a row. As for taking them for tea, two nights a week does not seem unreasonable, after all they are your children.


If an agreement is signed it is not signed month to month, it is an agreement that exists until it is superseded by another and would last for longer than 6 months if signed.


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