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I have a 2007 saturn. my front left brake was locked up. i

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i have a 2007 saturn . my front left brake was locked up .
i replaced the brakes rotors calipers on both both sides .
i drove it and all of sudden the front right brake locked up again . no lights or on however, .
what can this issue be. ??

it's your brake hose to that caliper,

the fluid breaks down the rubber inside and causes a one way valve type action when they go bad.

Please remember to RATE me, this is how I'm compensated for my time, efforts, and knowledge. Thank you!

Please remember to RATE me, this is how I'm compensated for my time, efforts, and knowledge. Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
i was able to bleed it fine to get i going,
are you saying the hose end needs to be replaced ,

yes the hose needs to be replaced.

the caliper loosens up when you open the bleeder.

thats why you can get it to work for a bit after bleeding it.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
the hose isnt allowing the fluid to flow back ? i dont understand ?? can you explain whats happening one more time please .

the rubber inside the hose breaks down and the particles end up acting like a one way valve.

so the fluid goes in but never comes back out.

In turn you will be able to drive for a day or so, depending on the severity of the deterioration.

I've changed out quite a few due to this .

hoses range from 7 to 18 dollars each.

it's an inexpensive fix.

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