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I have a 2008 Saturn Sky that I purchased in April of 2015,

Customer Question

Hello, I have a 2008 Saturn Sky that I purchased in April of 2015, from a large reputable dealership. At the time of purchased I paid the typical taxes and registration fees. My tags are coming up requesting a smog test song with them. I was told that the vehicle didn't pass smog because the intake manifold part (GM performance part # ***** and 17800764) one typically used on older models between 2006-2007. According the "smog place" the vehicle failed visual inspection stating "Tampered", but it stated "Passed" for the performance test. Two questions arise for me. One, can it be used as a compatible part..? Two, can a dealer sell a vehicle that doesn't pass smog..? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Saturn
Expert:  Daniel Jones replied 1 year ago.

Hello. Welcome to the site. Thanks for coming. I'm ***** *****.
I'm here to provide as much information and insight as I can, to best answer your question.

What State do you live in?

What type of warranty did you get when you bought the car?

Can you give me your VIN# ***** I can check some information on your car?

Thank you for posting your question.

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Thank You
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I live in California. I believe purchased it with a limited 90 day warranty (can't confirm this at the moment because I'm in the process of moving and my documents are boxed up at the moment). The vin # ***** : 1G8MB35B48Y102643I learned soon soon after purchasing this car that it had 2 recalled parts that hadn't been replaced (as a large reputable dealer I would assume someone in admin or service would do their due diligence to look into something like that for safety reasons), the fuel gauge was not working properly (an issue they attempted to fix 3 times without success until they allowed us to take it to GMC for repair with an altimatum that it would be their last attempt at fixing it in which otherwise we'd be out on our own and out of luck if it wasn't resolved). And now a year later, this issue....
Expert:  Daniel Jones replied 1 year ago.

Apparently you did not buy it from a GM dealer?

According to what I can find in my database is the GM Performance air intake kits are 50-state legal.

You can verify this with any GM dealership by giving them the part#. So if they say it is leagal for sale in all 50 States , it should pass inspection.

I am located on the East Coast so Inspections here in NJ now only require Plugging into the OBDII to check for codes and checking the gas cap.

There is a Special Coverage bulletin open on your vehicle.

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