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Ryan Schott
Ryan Schott,
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My 2007 saturn outlook xr got water damage from the rain

Customer Question

my 2007 saturn outlook xr got water damage from the rain leaking in it,everything in my dash cluster went out, i took to the gm dealer and replaced my dash cluster, i am still having problems, after i turn my car off and take the key out the engine still runs, my battery drain s when the engine is turned off, oh yes, my temp guage went out on my new dash cluster, i took back to the gm dealer, and they said the is ok, the said that of the battery drain there my be a short some and will take time alot money to find out whats wrong, i need help badly, i am 64 yrs old and on ssi, with a 2yr old and a 4 yr old i do not have the money to keep giving to the gm dealers
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Saturn
Expert:  Ryan Schott replied 1 year ago.

this may not be it but if it stays on with the key out start it, unplug the alternator plug in connector, then shut it off and see if it shuts off straight away.

Expert:  Ryan Schott replied 1 year ago.

the other location ive seen a lot of water issues is the IP fuseblock, behind the glovebox on the far right, I would remove it completely open it and dry everything clean it all, blow out the connectors with air and put dielectric grease on everything one sec and ill get you the procedure and some pictures

Expert:  Ryan Schott replied 1 year ago.
  1. Disconnect the battery. Refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection.
  2. Remove the right side instrument panel insulator. Refer to Instrument Panel Insulator Panel Replacement - Right Side.
  3. Remove the Instrument panel compartment. Refer to Instrument Panel Compartment Replacement
  4. Remove the Front Carpet Retainer. Refer to Front Side Door Opening Floor Carpet Retainer Replacement
  5. remove the 2 screws on electrical center and one connector is bolted
  6. once you have it out you can carefully open it by the clips on the side, it is pretty simple to clean once open