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GM SL2: I'm trying to get a complete GM Vin report Saturn

Customer Question

I'm trying to get a complete GM Vin report for my Saturn sl2 -- with the build sheet, required field actions, claim history, etc. Can you get this?
VIN 1g8zk52771z309559
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Saturn
Expert:  JFN1 replied 1 year ago.
The claim history on this car is generic: multiple claims, but they all say the same thing like "service event" with a date and mileage. The only indication of what was done is a labor code, used by GM, but there's no way to find out specifically what was done to the car during those visits. I am attaching the build sheet. It was sold in Washington state on 5/22/2001. There are no open field actions listed, no branded titles, or anything extraordinary of that nature. Aside from the build sheet and the long gen***** *****st of repairs, there is nothing else to report on this VIN. Vehicle InformationVIN: 1G8ZK52771Z309559Model: ZZK69-2001 SL2 SPORT TOURING SEDANService Contract: No Branded Title: No Warranty Block: No PDI Status: YesOrder Type: T - DEALER STOCKField Actions: 0 OpenVehicle BuildModel: ZZK69-2001 SL2 SPORT TOURING SEDAN Order Number: EFG073Gross Vehicle Weight: 0 Build Date: 02/08/2001Build Plant: Z Option Codes*IVH is not the definitive source of GM Vehicle RPO information and is intended for service reference only. Should there be any questions about the vehicle's original build or RPO information please refer to the original vehicle invoice or window sticker.11D -13L -13U -6AC -7AC -8AB -9AB -AU0 -C60 -D06 -D35 -FE9 -HAA -HAB -HNS -J41 -LHD -LL0 -MP7 -NF7 -NK5 -PB1 -PG1 -QSB -U1C -U79 -VK3 - I suspect that the sparse information can be attributed to the fact that it's a Saturn. Just about everything Saturn is weird like this, because Saturn was its own entity for many years, only blending with GM when they went out of business, so the data didn't directly translate. We end up with a lot of "generic" entries because of this.