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Experience:  Repair of Saturn Body and mechainical 1991-2002 SL series I have rebuild several hundred of these cars
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Saturn Vue XE: 2004 Saturn VUE and the air condditioner blows

Customer Question

2004 Saturn VUE and the air condditioner blows hot air in town (it will cool if I run in Low gear. It seems the problem is the RPM of my engine) but on the road works fine, any ideas what's wrong?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Saturn
Expert:  Carl replied 2 years ago.
Hello I would like to help you.
the problem you are describing sounds like you are not getting air flow through the AC condenser in front of your radiator. When you speed up air is blowing in to the front of your car. when you are going slow the car relies on the cooling system fan to pull air through it.
So it is possible that your fan may not be coming on when it is suppose to or at all.
When you turn on your ac your cooling fan in you engine compartment should come on. if it doe not then there is some thing wrong. you could have a blown fuse or a bad fan motor.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Where is the air condenser? Is that a maintenance item or a replacement? I started the car and took it to 2000 rpm and turned on the AC. It took a few seconds but got cool. I then dropped back to idle and it turned to hot air. I have two fans and they both come on when the car is cold. A tech at Jiffy Lube told me the pressure was to high, whatever that means.
Expert:  Carl replied 2 years ago.
The A/C condenser is not a maintenance Item. with your more detail description I think that you might be low on refrigerant r143. if the pressure was too high then it would work a low engine speed and not at the high speed.
Also Jiffy lube would not be where I would take my car to trouble shoot anything.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Are you saying that refrigerant is not the problem because the it would cool at low RPM's and not at high RPM's? I'm confused when you say low pressure with high speed would work and high pressure with high speed would work. My problem is just the opposite, Cool at high speed and Hot at low speed.I will check the refrigerant and report back. Is the r143 the type of refrigerant I should use?
I agree about Jiffy Lube.Thanks, ***** ***** your help Carl,