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Saturn sl: I have a 2001 Saturn sl, and the first problem was

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I have a 2001 Saturn sl, and the first problem was the horn would randomly go off. My husband would have to undo the battery cable and it would go off. The car would start and run fine after that. Then i noticed right before this would happen that the gauges (fuel gauge, temp guage, low coolant light, secuity light, sevice engine soon light, and service engine light) would all come on, while driving the car. Then as soon as you turn off the car the horn would go off. We would disconnect and reconnect the battery. Sometimes its just hard to turn the ignition key, or once you have the car started you cannot put it into drive ( when this happens we disconnect and reconnect the battery), or it turns over and wont start then it eventually will start. Well today my husband said it keeps turning over but wont start! this has been going on for about 2 years. I personally think it is the security system, because before this all started happening my husband accidentally removed the key while it was still running, and it kept running. He then put the key back in to turn it off and a few months later everything described above started happening. If you could please lead me in the right direction as to what the problem could be we would greatly appreciate it!


Hello, my name isXXXXX appreciate you taking the time to ask a question about your car. There are two common problems with this vehicle. From the list of items that are occurring it may be both of them. The problems are typically either a bad body control module, which is the computer that controls these systems, or a bad ignition switch. If the ignition switch it not making a good connection then this can occur. Because of the problems that you have listed it sounds like both of them have failed. If you want to try and determine which one it is then you can test the ignition switch only. You can do this with a voltage meter. You would need to do a voltage drop test. Is this something that you guys plan on fixing yourselves?


If it is possible to fix it ourselves then yes. Would you be able to describe the test we need to do? And are they really invasive? Also how plausible is it for us to do it ourselves, (or my dad)lol. If not then I would like to be able to tell who ever we do get to fix it exactly what the problem is to reduce the cost to fix it.


If you have a voltage meter I can guide you in the testing of the ignition switch. It will take some time to get it taken apart to do this and there are some possible issues with the air bag when doing this. If you or your dad have some mechanical experience then I can guide you through the testing or just the replacement of the switch. As for the BCM, replacing that is best left to a shop as the module will need to be programmed by the dealer before it can be installed.


Do you know what the cost is for a new ignition? Or the cost for the dealership option?


To have the ignition switch replaced it typically runs about $150-200. The body control module typically runs about $500-700 to have replaced.

Customer: Is that for the ignition itself or to have a mechanic do it and for the part?

The first price is for the ignition. The second is for the BCM. Those are prices with labor.

Customer: Oh ok would i b able to buy a new ignitin or would i have to try an find one....and would it b simpler to just change it without testing it first?

You can typically find the ignition switch for about $60. When I have one of these vehicles come in I always tell my customers that the best thing it to just replace it as it is a common failure on their vehicle and can cause problems in the future.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks so much for your help!
No problem. Let me know if you need anything else.