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C. Walker, Jr.
C. Walker, Jr., Mechanic
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saturn L200: The gas gauge on our saturn L200 has become erratic,

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The gas gauge on our saturn L200 has become erratic, especially after just filling the tank. We've been using the odometer to keep track of miles since the last fillup to be sure we don't run out of gas. Our garage said that it's because we need a new fuel pump. There are no iter symptoms of fuel pump failure. Do we need to replace the fuel pump?
The garage is correct. The fuel pump module is all in one with the fuel pump assembly. Gm has always done it this way. The module itself is bad but you cannot get it by itself, the part is not serviceable. You just need the complete assembly. You can order it online yourself to save some money than have the shop install it. Only problem is the shop will not cover the pump under warranty if you bring your own part.

The list price for GM pump is 302.28 and 2.2 hours of labor. The part number for the pump is GM 22672353.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks.
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