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Saturn SL: Followed your suggestion, changed thermostat and

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Followed your suggestion, changed thermostat and water temp sensor. Engine is running much warmer now but we have not been able to get it Smoged due check engine light. The code, I did not right down the number when it was checked, is EGR circuit. We had the light, with this code, before. After some driving the light went out, we had the code cleared and it stayed off until we thermostat was changed. Our mechanic says his reader is not able to get a more specific code so he is looking for someone that has different software or equipment. Any suggestions? Jerry

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Well i don't like to speculate without a code #, but if it is in fact an EGR code, its a fairly simple system. The valve and solenoid are one piece and there are no vacuum hoses for it. If it is an EGR code, either the EGR port is clogged, the valve is faulty or it simply needs to be cleaned. (cleaning it usually does the trick) Without a scan tool its a little difficult to diagnose exactly what the problem is. Before replacing the valve I would suggest removing and cleaning it with some choke cleaner, as the valve is approx $275.

Here is a link to very good video on exactly how to clean the valve.




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The code we have is not specific to dirty EGR valve. It said EGR circuit. Are there other EGR related codes that are not dirty valve related? . .

There are several EGR codes that can be set, but like I said, without having a scan tool or knowing exactly what code it is, its speculation. That being said, typically when the EGR valve is dirty, or carboned up, it causes the pintle to stick. When the pintle sticks, it can set an EGR circuit code because the stuck valve is not opening/closing when the computer commands it to. The computer cannot differentiate between a dirty/stuck valve, or an actual bad EGR valve or EGR valve wiring. There is no code for a dirty valve, but a dirty valve can set a code. Cleaning it is the first, least expensive and logical step in diagnosing and repairing the issue. Try that, and if the code comes back try and get me the code # XXXXX we can go from there.
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