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Saturn Outlook XE: Saturn outlook 2010. The ac blower works

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Saturn outlook 2010. The ac blower works but will not change vent direction. It's stuck on the floor setting. Took it to the dealership they said something about blower motor and actuator. Dash has to be removed and the entire housing replaced. Lots of money required to fix. Please advise if any better solution is available.

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Did they mention which actuator? The defrost or mode? I can give idea but it would be helpful to know which one.




If it is simply the actuator and not the door itself the dash does NOT have to be removed. Just the glovebox

Also, is this a repair you might be attempting yourself? If it is the mode actuator, it requires a few tools and is easier with small hands (tight area behind dash) but again, it does not require major disassembly.




Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I can ask which one it is. He said he could touch it with his hands but the area was to tight for him to work in. He also turned something manually by hand so that the air comes out of the front vents instead of the floor. He said that the part that needed to be replaced was a small motor I believe but that he could not get just that part. That he had to order the whole housing which requires the dash be removed to replace.

The actuator is available separately and is readily available at any gm dealer.

It is a bit tight but does NOT require dash removal.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can you tell me if it was the actuator that he turned manually? And what that part number might be? This is a dealership that told me all this info. I may have to go to a different place or fin another dealership that will work with me better.

I don't have access to a parts database but ANY gm dealer can look it up for you by you giving them your vin number to make sure it is the correct part for your particular vehicle. I can't tell what he turned as I wasn't there but that is what makes sense. Turning the mode actuator shaft. Again, it's difficult without having a "hands on" diagnosis but it doesn't sound correct to me based on the information I am hearing. If the internal door itself were broken then yes... the dash would have to come out. If it is simply the actuator... which it is most all of the time... then it is removing the glove box... .removing three screws on the actuator and replacing it, then recalibrating the system which can be done by a scan tool or by disconnecting the battery for several minutes which will cause the controller to relearn the door positions.




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