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C. Walker, Jr., Mechanic
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Saturn RELAY-1: Hi have a 2005 Saturn relay with code p0641

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Hi have a 2005 Saturn relay with code p0641 van ran great and we pressure washed the carpet and three days later this code comes up van will stall map sensor and mass air flow sensor will through a separate code
This is a problem with a bad connection.Disconnect C305, check for corrosion. If so, replace corroded terminals, check for water leak at the firewall, windshield.. If OK at C305, disconnect this connector, recheck the 5v reference at the MAP or TPS. If now OK, check the Gray wire back to the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor. If same, disconnect C203, recheck 5v reference. If same, disconnect C101, recheck 5v reference.

Most of the times it is just from the C305 but I have included everything to check and verify the condition is present to repair.

C305 is a 16 pin connector, behind the Left Front seat, in the floor pan.
C203 is a 30 pin connector, near the park brake.
C101 is a 16 pin connector, near the Left Hand strut.
C305 was will likely be corroded.

Image of connector
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Found the connector water came out just unplugging it! One pin is broke / rusted will let you know tomorrow when we try to fix it if that

Works c305 was bad . That was very impressive

I am glad to help you get it going. Good job fixing it. Sometimes the information over a screen is hard to relay.
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