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Cooling Fan??

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okay....was stopped with car and air running cleaning out my car....2003 Saturn Ion...the air conditioner air that was coming out turned not cold computer message in my odometer said "check Guage"...and the Temperature guage was elevated past 3/4. Backing up a bit....I have gotten an 'Add coolant' message for the past several months occasionally when I start up my car. However, when I checked the overflow bottle, it was full. And when I checked it today (after I let it cool down) it was full. So....I am assuming this is a problem with a cooling fan not running? If so....shouldn't the car remain cool when I drive it on the highway...w/ the air flow and all? and if it is is a cooling there anything i can do to fix (e.g. could it be a fuse)....if not...what can i expect to pay to get it fixed

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Since your not sure if you have a fan problem or a coolant leak, lets try this. With the car idling turn the air conditioning on, the cooling fan should turn on anytime the a/c is on. If the fan runs, then we can assume it is working normally. Let me know what happens..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it doesn't turn on right away....even w/ air long should I wait (I know nothing about cars fyi) e.g. I am assuming this is the fan in front of the radiator



Yes the fan in front of the radiator takes care of cooling the radiator and the condenser for the air conditioner. It should turn on a few seconds after the a/c is turned on (assuming the a/c works) If the fan doesn't turn on, then you probablygraphic have a bad cooling fan motor. If you want to try and trace the problem out, start by checking the fuse if your comfortable doing that, its in the underhood fuse block, fuse #45, it is a large 30amp fuse.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

fuse looks like all the others....although I don't know what a blown fuse looks like...looks like it looks like all the others though...when I look inside..looks like to pieces of metal...and a strip of metal joining them

Ok, if the fuse was blown, that strip of metal would be melted so the fuse is probably good, and we are dealing with a bad cooling fan motor. Since you said you don't know so much about cars, I'm going to assume you don't have a test light to check for power at the fan motor. The only thing i can suggest to test the fan motor is to try tapping on it with a large screwdriver or bar while the car is running with a/c on. Sometimes that will get the fan to turn on.
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