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Saturn VUE: I replaced the battery & changed plugs now when

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I replaced the battery & changed plugs now when I turn on a/c the idle will not pick up

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How many miles are on the car? Was the idle ok before you changed the battery?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes the idle was good 107k I also changed the plugs gap 45ths

OK, I have seen this before. Assuming that nothing was left disconnected after installing the plugs, and there is no check engine light, Try cleaning the carbon from the throttle body. Over time carbon deposits form on the throttle body and cause the butterfly to stick open very slightly. The cars computer compensates for this and adjusts the idle accordingly. When power is disconnected from the computer, such as replacing the battery, the computers memory is lost and it reverts back to its default settings. If you clean the carbon from the throttle body it should cure the idle problem.

Just remove the air intake hose and use a rag or soft bristled brush and some choke cleaner.

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