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Don Knight
Don Knight, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Saturn
Satisfied Customers: 1736
Experience:  40+ years
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Saturn vue awd/4 door utility: I have a 2006 saturn vue all

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I have a 2006 saturn vue all wheel drive with 89000 miles. it has a vibration at 40 miles hr also noise when moving like a bearing and looks like brake dust on wheels
If you have a roaring sound that gets louder the faster you go then I would suspect a front wheel bearing problem.If you can find an isolated stretch of road try getting up to about 40 and cut the wheel sharply for a second to either side if the noise stops when you cut the wheel then you definely have a defective bearing.Depending on which side you turn will let you know which side to look at.If the noise stops when you cut to the right then the right bearing is the problem.You can also check by raising the wheel off the ground and try moving the tire in and out from top to bottom,If you have any play in the wheel then the bearing is defective.Please let me know if you need more assistance,Don
Don Knight, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Saturn
Satisfied Customers: 1736
Experience: 40+ years
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the whole thing it has been to the service center 3 times and still having problems.What about the vibration 35 to 40 mph when it starts if i ether slow down or speed up it goes away. the other noise we hear is a sqeeking as the wheel turns and seems to have to be heated up before it starts

Hello and thank you for your post. I am a master certified GM tech. If I can help you solve this today then I will, lets begin
this is still sounding like a wheel bearing to me
have the car lifted off all 4 wheels, run it at 40 mph and listen to the struts in the front just above the tires, the noise will be amplified there
in the rear, listen to the bolts that hold the bearing in from the back side...the noise will be amplified there
which ever bearing is bad will be much louder than the rest
it may be more than one and also listen to the driveshaft support bearing under the center console
it has a bearing that can go bad.
lastly, listen to the rear differential. the bearings in that can go bad as well
let me know how you make out
the easiest tool to use for this is a mechanics stethoscope available at harbor freight for like $8.00 or sears for about $15.00
otherwise a long screwdriver pressed to your ear will work too
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well I will not be doing any thing. It is in warranty with the place that bought it from. It has been there 3 time with no luck. but it goes back this coming week again. Wondering if the brake dust is normal on the on the outside of the hub cap area?

some dust is normal, if both sides look the same.
brake dust is black/brown
if you see red rust colored dust that is bad
like grinding metal
you can show them my info if you like (on how to diagnose the noise)
good luck and Thank you for trusting me to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


my pleasure