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Saturn SC1: My daughters Saturn SC1 year=2001 has a drivers

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My daughter's Saturn SC1 year=2001 has a driver's door that POPs loudly every time she opens/closes it. It's not the top or bottom hinge inside the doorjam, but the bar type piece of metal that slides inside a rubber thing halfway between top & bottom hinge. I tried using grease on the portion of that bar that I could see. It travels inside the rubber thing as the door closes and the pop is made. ANY SUGGESTIONS ? -Bob the Dad (I replaced the head gasket on my '73 240Z but can't get this door hinge to close without popping)Thx

Ok, that part is the door limiter, also called the door check link. Below are directions to replace it, which is fairly easy to do, but you can use the directions to fully access it and inspect it to see if it is rubbing somewhere and use lithium grease to quieten it. If nothing seen, then remove and check for being bent and straighten it or replace as needed. Also check for where it bolts to to make sure there is not a fatigue break in the metal


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