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Saturn Aura XR: My 07 Aura the door locks keep unlocking after

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My 07 Aura the door locks keep unlocking after I have left it locked

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The most common cause for this condition is going to be a bad power door lock switch followed by bad door latch itself. Sometimes a wiring issue (corroded wires) from the door lock/latches can send a faulty signal to the BCM which can and will cause the power door locks to activate by themselves. Last option would simply be a bad body control module causing this condition. Here is a wiring diagram of the power door lock switches and BCM.


Here is some information on the power door locks that may help.

Power Door Locks Description and Operation
Door Lock System Components

The Power Door Lock System consists of the following components:

Body control module (BCM)
Driver door lock switch
Front passenger door lock switch
Reversible door lock actuator in each of the doors
IBCM (PWR) 15-amp fuse
Driver door cylinder switch, if equipped

Door Lock System Controls

The Power Door Lock System is controlled by the body control module (BCM) and can be activated by any one of the following:

A door lock switch lock or unlock actuation
A keyless entry transmitter actuation
An automatic door lock or unlock actuation
A last door closed locking (LDCL) actuation

If the driver door cylinder switch feature of the vehicle is functional, the locks may also be operated by a driver door cylinder switch lock or unlock activation
Power Door Lock Switch Operation

Each door lock switch is wired to the body control module (BCM) through a separate door lock/unlock signal circuit. While these circuits are separated between the BCM and respective door lock switch, they are connected into a single circuit within the BCM. The BCM supplies voltage through the door lock/unlock signal circuits to each door lock switch. When either door lock switch is operated, this supply voltage is pulled to ground, providing the BCM with the required lock or unlock signal. In order for the BCM to distinguish between a lock and unlock signal, the lock switch contains two separate paths for this voltage to flow to the same body ground. When the switch is operated to the unlock position, the supply voltage flows to ground through a 1.5 KΩ resistor. When the switch is operated to the lock position, the supply voltage flows to ground through a different part of the switch circuit, which has no resistor. The BCM then interprets the flow of voltage as a lock or unlock request and powers the door lock actuators to the appropriate lock or unlock position
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