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Carl, Auto Body Repairer
Category: Saturn
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Experience:  Repair of Saturn Body and mechainical 1991-2002 SL series I have rebuild several hundred of these cars
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Saturn SL2: My 2000 Saturn SL2 turns over but will not start.

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My 2000 Saturn SL2 turns over but will not start. Car ran OK then battery went dead. Jumped it and noticed the jumper wires got very hot. Put charger on it instead and charged it (I think) but did not check voltage after charging. Tried to start and it turned over but would not start. Noticed my lockset was worn enough that I could pull the key out from any position (acc and run). Bought a new lock, put tumblers in, and lockset worked well. Same keys. Key went to each position correctly and could not be pulled out except in OFF position. Tried to start and turned over but no start. Subsequently did the following:
1. Found that battery was bad (shorted cell) reading 10 V. Replaced and won't start.
2. Checked for voltage at fuel pump. No voltage when key in Run or Start position.
3. Fuel pump fuze good. Checked relay by pulling other relay of same part number. No start.
4. Get battery voltage at pin 87 on relay but no output voltage to pump. No voltage from BCM either so no surprise that no voltage to pump.
5. Since I replaced lock set tried to reset security following procedure on forums of turning key to start, leaving in Run for 10 minutes, Security light should go out in 10 minutes, turn to Off, and repeat 3 times. Fourth time it relearns. Didn't work. Security light stayed on for 20 minutes until I gave up.
6. Tried to access engine codes with my reader and only get link errors. Obviously not connecting to BCM so am thinking the problem may be the BCM (referring back to when the jump caused cables to overheat).
1. Should I buy a new or used BCM?
2. If so, can I reprogram it to my key set or do I have to take it to GM to recode?
3. If so, can I “hot wire” voltage to fuel pump to drive it there?

Hello I would like to help you with this.

The fact that you cannot read the engine codes tells me that you could have a problem with your engine control model. Not the body control model.

If this was a security issue when you try the starter car it would sound like it was going to start and then die.

When you tried to jumpstart it with the battery charger it is very possible it damaged the engine control model. When your battery is dead and you try to use the high charging current it can create too much voltage because the current has nowhere to go. And this can fry the engine control model. This exact thing happened on my jeep and I had replaced the module.

It is best to use another car to jumpstart the dead battery and use a battery charger just for charging purposes on the lower settings

Making the fuel pump run will not make the engine run.

I also have been working on saturn's for many years specifically the SL series.

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Thank you,


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To let you know I found problem. Blown PCMB fuze. I thought I had checked all but apparently did not. Car starts and runs. But I will rate your answer "excellent" because you spent the time to address the issue.

Thank you.