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15yearsaturnguy, Saturn master tech
Category: Saturn
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Experience:  25 years automotive experience, 15 years with Saturn
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2003 Ion: shudders..vibrates when braking..torque converter

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2003 Ion shudders and vibrates when braking quickly at high speed only.What;s wrong most likely? If it is the torque converter can I get one> I heard not.

15yearsaturnguy :

Hello and thank you for your post. I am a master certified GM tech, with 15 years Saturn experience,and can help you to resolve your issue.

15yearsaturnguy :

is this shudder felt in the steering wheel?

15yearsaturnguy :

if so you probably only need the rotors resurfaced.

15yearsaturnguy :

let me know what leads you to believe it is not a brake issue


The entire car shakes. Does not happen as I slow into stops at country road speeds, just when I'm at highway speeds,having to turn and /or stop with someone on my butt making me maintain speed until the stop or turn.Nothing in the steering wheel, specifically.I maintain my car well and the brakes have been serviced in the last year (as well as the transmission).i wonder if a loose brake pad could be the culprit, just don't know.

15yearsaturnguy : If you don't feel it in the steering, try slowing with the e brake. See if you feel it then That would mean it is from the rear brakes

can't even imagine slowing with the emergency brake on a road test.. my reason for doubting it is a brake problem is because of the recent service done.....tales of transmisssion issues,availability of parts etc.. have vision as far as troubleshooting.If you don't think it's a transmission issue I guess I'll get my brakes looked at and pay you $18. I'll still wonder if I can get a torque converter if i needed one. heard otherwise.

15yearsaturnguy : You can get a torque converter. Even if it Becomes unavailable from gm. Aftermarket companies sell them. Based on your description of the issue I don't think it is a trans issue. I. Could be wrong. I haven't driven your car but since it happens when braking I think it is a brake problem

ok. good enough..i'll pay as promised, $18.. .

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