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Saturn: what is diffrence between tech 2 scanner and the mdi unit

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hello again had been talking to you about not linking to scanner for saturn outlook,i have questons about scanners. what is diffrence between tech 2 scanner and the mdi unit? what is easier the use? is the memory card installed into the candi unit or the tech 2 scanner? when you get that has 2011 updated card is it more than likly have this suv installed in memory card or will i have get downloaded from gm tis site ? do you download to p.cthen tranfer to memory card? or how is this done


The tech II and a candi module is required to communicate with your vehicle and perform diagnostics. The MDI (multiple diagnostic interface) is used to communicate with many 2010 and newer vehicles and it can also be used for programming of older vehicles. The MDI alone is not a scan tool. It is used along with a computer and the proper software program (called GDSII) for 2010 and newer. GM is releasing a Tech II software emulator over the next couple months so Tis 2 web subscribers will be able to download a tech II simulator program to their laptops and along with the MDI.... communicate with pre 2010 vehicles using the MDI and the program which will look like a Tech II screen. The Tech II is 15 years old now and showing it's age. The memory card is installed into the Tech II and all software installations/upgrades must be downloaded thru the GM server by someone with a tis2web subscription. The card must be installed in the Tech II and the Tech II attached to the computer using a date cable (rs232 type)



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so in you openion would you get mdi interface and on gm to comeout with program or find a tech 2?
It's a matter of personal opinion and a financial decision as well. I've had my Tech II since 1996 and the keyboard is failing on it. I personally do not plan to replace it for two thousand dollars. To start brand new and get a complete Tech II with a 32 meg card, and a candi module is probably over three thousand and then you need a tis2 web subscription anyway to program vehicles and to update the scanner software. I have two MDI's and will use my tablet computer when the program is released. I'm told that the software program is being released in stages to tis 2 web subscribers and should be fully released over the next two months.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

will i be able to use my laptop with mdi for scanning and programming?

If you can download the program when it is released and if you have a tis2web subscription.

Installing the Tech2Win Application

By Blog Post on June 1, 2011 9:59 PM| No Commentsf1_june_2011.jpgTech2Win is a PC-based application version of the Tech 2 and CANdi (Control Area Network diagnostic interface) module that can be loaded onto a service department Techline PC or notebook computer via TIS2Web.
The rollout of the application will begin in mid-June, starting with Cadillac dealerships, to be followed by Chevrolet dealerships in early July and Buick/GMC dealerships in August. The GMCL rollout will begin in early August. Look for update messages in TIS2Web, Service Information and GM Global Connect.
When using the Tech2Win application, vehicle communication is performed using the Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI), which provides faster operation than a Tech 2 with a CANdi module.
Tech2Win offers virtually the same functionality as the Tech 2. It's used for diagnostics only. Service programming is still performed through TIS2Web SPS. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide (under TIS2Web News), section 10, "Limitations," for protocols and functions not supported.
Tech2Win also includes the same vehicle coverage as the Tech 2. GDS 2 still must be used when servicing Global A vehicles (Camaro, Equinox, Cruze, Sonic, Volt, LaCrosse, Regal, Terrain and SRX).
Before installing Tech2Win, the PC or notebook computer must meet or exceed the current minimum Techline hardware specifications. Review the latest specifications and guidelines at (In Canada, the IT guidelines are in the Service Library under Tools, Processes and Equipment on Global Connect.)
To install the application:

  1. Connect the MDI to the computer. Power it using the AC adapter.
  2. Select the Tech 2 software download on TIS2Web. A prompt will ask if you want to install Tech2Win. It can be installed on multiple PCs in the dealership.
  3. Install the Tech2Win application using all the default selections. Installation should take less than 10 minutes.
  4. Two icons will be placed on the PC desktop -- a shortcut for Tech2Win QuickStart and a shortcut for the Tech2Win Configurator, which is used for multiple versions of Tech2Win depending on the vehicles being serviced in the dealership. (Fig. 2)

f2_june_2011.jpgFig. 2
After the application installation is complete, the diagnostic software for the desired service coverage and software license (similar to the license renewal of GDS 2) must be obtained. To download:

  1. Click the Tech2Win QuickStart icon that is now on the PC's desktop.
  2. Since Tech2Win does not have a current license, a license dialog box will appear. Click OK.
  3. When the MDI is detected, a dialogue box will direct you to select the vehicle communication interface.
  4. To initiate the software license and install the diagnostic software, select the Software Download (SWDL) on TIS2Web and click Start Software Download. (Fig. 3)

f3_june_2011.jpgFig. 3
5. Select Tech2 and Custom for the update mode. (Fig. 4)
f4_june_2011.jpgFig. 4
6. Select the desired diagnostic software package. Available packages include the latest GM North American coverage as well as Saab and Saturn ASTRA. (Fig. 5)
f5_june_2011.jpgFig. 5
7. Click Download to begin downloading the diagnostic package just like for a Tech 2. Current progress and Tech2Win will display during the download.
After the download is complete, the license countdown in the lower right corner will be updated to 30. This is the number of days until the license must be renewed. When the license expires, an expiration message will be displayed. To renew the license, use the security access service or update the diagnostic software using the standard update mode.
Tech2Win uses Communication Port (comm port) 9 on the PC. If this port is used for other devices, switch the comm port setting by selecting the Tech2Win Configurator icon on the desktop. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for complete details.
To access the Quick Reference Guide for additional Tech2Win installation information, go to TIS2Web News and select the Tech2Win Quick Reference Guide.
When using Tech2Win, you can click the selections on screen or click the soft buttons on the screen where applicable.
Tech2Win activity is shown on the bottom of the screen between the vehicle, MDI, Tech2Win and the PC. (Fig. 6)
f6_june_2011.jpgFig. 6
For more information about installing Tech2Win, review the May Emerging Issues seminar on in the U.S.
In Canada, more information about Tech2Win will be available in a future TAC Talk presentation as well as in the GDS 2/Tech2Win training course #16039.16H.
- Thanks to Mike Waszczenko

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i have gotten a tech 2 scanner with candi interface , i hooked up to scan it says not linking up with scanner it is not receiving info from ecm and body control mod. asked to turn key on key was on i recycled again still telling me to say thing , when i turn key on the dash panel lights up . where do i need to go check from here?