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Randall C
Randall C, ASE Master Tech
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95 saturn: crank..dohc..what are the specs for the cylinder walls

Customer Question

what are the measurements of a crank on a 95 saturn sl dohc.looking for all the specs on a 1995 saturn dohc 1.9 engine. rebuilding the engine and trying to find out if the crank is bad or not. Also what are the specs for the cylinder walls? And exactly how do oyu measure to find out what size of bearings for teh connecting arms and main bearings?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Saturn
Expert:  Randall C replied 6 years ago.
Hello, I am Randall

really all I can do is send you the specs. As far as testing/meauring, you have to have a cylinder bore guage and dial claipers to do all this as you most likely know. To select what bearings to use, if the crank falls into specs, most likley the standard bearings, if not, you may have to go oversize bearings, the only way to know this is a use a product call "plastiguage" whcih is a like a special sticking string you place on crank, install bearings, torgue them, then remove the bearings to see how much the plasticgusgeeezed out. hard to explain. I suggest going to parts store and getting some plastiguge and follow diretions for it. As you know rebuilding can be tricky so you have to measure what you want via the specs for all below
Engine/Liter 1.9L
Cylinder Bore Dia. (Std.) [01]
Cylinder Bore Taper, Max. 0.002
Cylinder Bore Out Of Round, Max. 0.002
[01] Cylinder bores 1, 2 & 3, 3.2280-3.2287 inches; cylinder bore No. 4, 3.2283-3.2291 inches.

Standard Journal Diameter

Main Bearing 2.2438
Crank Pin 1.8500-1.8508
Out Of Round, All [01] 0.0004
Taper, All [01] 0.0004
Bearing Clearance
Main Bearings 0.0002-0.0020
Connecting Rod Bearings 0.0002-0.0009
Connecting Rod
Pin Bore Diameter 0.7679-0.7685
Side Clearance 0.0065-0.0222
[01] Maximum.
Component Torque/Ft. Lbs.
A/C Compressor Front Bracket To Block 35
A/C Compressor Front/Rear Bracket To Head 22
A/C Compressor To Front Bracket 35
A/C Compressor To Rear Bracket 22
Accelerator Bracket To Front Dash 8.8
Accelerator Cable Bracket To Intake Manifold 19
Air Cleaner Duct Clamp [01] 15
Air Cleaner/Resonator Bolts 7.4
Air Cleaner/Resonator Clamps [01] 18
Alternator Positive Terminal 7.4
Alternator To Block 27
Axle Shaft Intermediate Bracket To Block 41
Battery Cable 12.6
Battery Cable To Alternator 7
Belt Idler Pulley To Front Cover 33
Belt Tensioner Pulley 22
Belt Tensioner To Block 22
Block Oil Gallery Plug 22
Camshaft Bearing Cap To Head 10.3
Camshaft Cover To Head 7.4
Camshaft Sprocket To Camshaft 75
Canister Band Clamp [01] 31
Canister Purge Solenoid To Block 22
Catalytic Converter To Isolator 19
Clutch Pressure Plate To Flywheel 19
Connecting Rod Cap To Rod 33
Coolant/Cylinder Block Heater 19
Coolant Drain Plug 26
Coolant Temperature Sensor 5.9
Cradle To Body 151
Crankshaft Bearing Cap To Block 37
Crankshaft Damper To Crankshaft 159
Crankshaft Position Sensor 6.7
Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Carrier To Block 8.1
Cylinder Head Core Hole Plug [01] 53
Cylinder Head Water Jacket 55
De-Aeration Line Fitting To Head 8.1
De-Aeration Line To Cam Cover [01] 53
EGR Solenoid Bracket 7.4
EGR Valve Nut To Head 21
EGR Valve Stud To Head 5.1
Engine Block Heater To Block 18
Engine Lift Bracket To Block [06] 36
Engine Lift Bracket To Block [06] 22
Engine Mount To Front Cover 37
Engine Mount To Midrail Bracket 37
Engine Support Bracket 28
ESC Knock Sensor 11.1
Exhaust Manifold Studs To Front Pipe 9.6
Exhaust Manifold Studs To Head 8.8
Exhaust Manifold To Head 23
Exhaust Pipe To Converter 33
Flexplate To Converter 41
Flexplate To Crankshaft 44
Flywheel/Flexplate Cover 7.4
Flywheel To Crankshaft 59
Front Cover To Block (Center) 7.4
Front Cover To Block (Perimeter) 22
Front Engine Mount To Block 52
Fuel Canister Bracket To Frame Rail 22
Fuel Line Support Bracket 22
Fuel Line Support Clip 8.8
Fuel Rail To Intake Manifold 22
Fuel Return Pipe Nut To Pressure Regulator 11.1
Fuel Supply Pipe 18
Fuel Tank Fill Hose [01] 27
Fuel Tank Fill Pipe [01] 18
Fuel Tank Fill Pipe [01] Bracket 53
Fuel Tank Straps 25
Fuel/Vapor Line To Body [01] 27
Heater Outlet To Intake Manifold 19
Heater Return Nipple 37
Idle Air Control Sensor 28
Idle Air Control Valve [01] 18
Ignition Module To Transaxle Case 5.9
Induction Air Sensor [01] 44
Intake Manifold Bracket To Block (LH) 22
Intake Manifold Bracket To Block (RH) 41
Intake Manifold Bracket To Manifold 22
Intake Manifold Stud To Head 8.8
Intake Manifold Stud To Head (P/S Bracket) 22
Intake Manifold To Head 22
MAP Sensor 27
Motion Restrictor Bracket 40
Motion Restrictor To Side Of Block 22
Oil Baffle Plate To Block 41
Oil Drain Plug 26
Oil Filter [05]
Oil Pan To Block 6.7
Oil Pickup Tube (DOHC) 11.1
Oil Pipe Bracket To Block 11.1
Oil Pressure Sensor 26
Oil Pump Cover 8.1
Oxygen Sensor 37
Power Steering Hoses 20
Power Steering Pump Bracket 22
Power Steering Pump To Bracket 28
Power Steering Return Hose Clamp [01] 18
Radiator Upper Bracket 7.4
Rear Engine Mount To Block 35
Rocker Arm Shaft To Head 19
Spark Plug 20
Starter Bracket To Starter 7.4
Starter Motor 27
Starter Motor Bracket To Axle Shaft 22
Starter Positive Terminal 7.4
Starter Solenoid Terminal [01] 35
Steering Joint To Gear 35
Stiffening Bracket 40
Strut To Knuckle 148
TBI Assembly Fuel Line 19
TBI Assembly To Air Intake Manifold 24
TBI Injector [01] 18
Thermostat Housing To Block 22
Throttle Body To Air Intake Manifold 23
Throttle Position Sensor [01] 18
Timing Chain Guides 19
Timing Chain Tensioner 14
Transaxle Case To Block (Lower) 96
Transaxle Case To Block (Upper) 66
Transaxle Lower Mount To Cradle 41
Transaxle Lower Mount To Transaxle 23
Transaxle Rear Mount 36
Vapor Canister To Body 22
Vehicle Speed Sensor [01] 19
Water Pump 22
Water Pump Pulley 18
[01] Inch lbs.
[05] Tighten to gasket, then turn an additional 3/4 to 1 turn.
[06] Less A/C.