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Amedee, Saturn Technician
Category: Saturn
Satisfied Customers: 26258
Experience:  ASE certified Technician advanced level specialist. Wisconsin certified emissions state inspector
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2003 Saturn l300: gas gauge doesnt move. Tachometer doesnt move

Customer Question

2003 Saturn LW300 will not start. Gas gauge doesn't move. Tachometer doesn't move when attempting to start. ECM no communication, BCM no communication.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Saturn
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.

Does the check engine light come on with the key on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes it does.
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
Do you have your reference voltages to the sensors under the hood with the key on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No we do not
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
Ok.. lets check to be sure we have power down on pin 16 of the diagnostic connector with the key on.

Here is a picture of the pin numbers.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes we have power on pin 16.

The vehicle did start in the morning. It did the same thing yesterday, started in the morning, we drove it 15 miles and it ran perfectly. Thought it was fixed then after sitting about 10 minutes, it started up fine and was moved again to another parking place. After another 15 minutes or so we needed to move it to get a vehicle out of the bay and it would not start. Had no communication, etc.

This morning it started as if nothing was wrong. When it was running this morning the check engine light was on. We tried to turn off the check engine light with the key on. When we tried again to turn off the check engine light with the engine running, we managed to turn off most of the codes (P0123, P0222 and P0533). The only codes that would not turn off were P1632 and P0700. After trying again and again, I turned off the ignition and since then we cannot start the vehicle again. P.S. If I disconnect the TPS harness (IAC) the vehicle will start and as soon as we reconnect it, it will continue running but will not accelerate. The accelerater on completely useless.
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
It sounds to me like you just have a bad module on board your vehicle. THis is very common! The ECM, TCM and ABS module are the most likley culprits but it can be caused by any of them. Verify that the CAN circuit between Transmission Control Module, Engine Control Module and Body Control Module is working correctly with good connections at all the module.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Amedee, we will need to continue this next week after we verify the CAN circuit between the modules. Will get back to you then.
Expert:  Amedee replied 6 years ago.
I have a feeling you will find that either your CAN circuit is being shorted out by a bad module or you just have a bad PCM. EIther way, now you know what to look for.

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