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Hazard Flashers do not work but turn signals do..buzzing noise

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Hazard Flashers do not work but turn signals do. When you turn on the hazard flasher switch you can hear a brief buzzing noise at the flasher.
the easiest thing to do and the least time intensive thing to do is put a new flasher in. It is located at the rear of the instrument panel fuse box. If that does not fix it then I will walk you through some voltage testing but do that first and let me know how you make out.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Previous owner installed a new flasher and had no luck. Test voltage on relay base and had 12VDC when switch is on and relay removed.

I have to leave for work can we work at a later time?

Thanks Dave.

yes I will follow up with some test advice in a few hours and you can work at your convenience


ok the flasher module works like this...

  • Ground is always present at one terminal and
  • power is always present on another terminal.
  • The 3rd terminal is an output to the lamps at all 4 corners of the vehicle.

You basically need to test for continuity to ground on that 3rd terminal with the battery dis connected and the hazards on and off. If there is no continuity with them off AND on then you need to replace the hazard switch. If you have continuity with them on but not off then that test is OK and I will give you more things to test.

Because the flasher for the hazards is also the flasher for the turn signals, and the turn signals are working properly, I suspect the hazard switch is bad but we will know better after you test this.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

On Flasher Base there are 3 terminals 2 are parallel which are the groung and the 12VDC and the one terminal that ios perpendicular is the 3rd terminal you decribed to test.

I have no continuity when hazard switch is off and approximately 1 ohm when switch is turned on. This should be correct per your last reply.

Also I have 12.8 VDC on the bottom stab terminal in respects to ground terminal above it and 3rd terminal is to the left when looking at the base. This voltage is only present when hazard switch is turned on which makes sense due to feeding the flasher and timed pulse voltage should be present only when the flasher is plugged in.

Thoughts? Thanks Dave.

ok I am attaching 2 schematics, they are 2 parts of 1 need to disconnect the hazard switch and see if you have continuity to ground on all of the outputs from the switch(wires to the bulbs) on terminals F,D,E,G,A,&H. let me know what you find
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I never got the diagrams but I already have a schematic from a manual with those exact letters called out that lead to the individual lamps.

The turn indicators work each side perfectly but I just installed a new flasher again and it still buzzes when the hazard switch is turned on.

Do I need to tear apart the steering column to access the test point you called out and will I being looking at the wiring terminal or the switch terminal.

If I need to remove the air bag and steering wheel to gain access then at this point I must stop. I will need more time to continue and my car is much needed now.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I took apart the steering column cover and unplugged hazard switch power connector and problem went away.

Revisited print and found that flasher gets to independant voltage sources.

1. From 7.5 amp fuse located in I/P terminal block for turn indicators

2. From 10 amp fuse located in underhood junction block

Kept thinking all day about voltage loss or drop due to load ( 6 Lamps versus 3)I found real problem myself and it turned out to be a blown 10 amp fuse for hazard lights.

Installed new fuse and tried flashers several times and no more issues.

Never received your diagrams and had to work off of schematics I received from a dealership through the former owner.

At this point I believe we can close this topic.

OK. Glad you fixed it. I tried to attach the diagrams, Don't know why they didn't attach.

Best regards

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