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The idle control valve located on 2001, SL1..1.9L..3000 RPM..Park

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Where is the idle control valve located on 2001, SL1, 1.9L, located? Engine is idling 3000 RPM in Park. I've replaced Idle Air Control Valve, and Throttle Position Sensor.
Hi, it is the '4 wire' solenoid on the throttle body there..
Here is a picture that might help you:
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have already replaced this as well as throttle position sensor and cleaned throttle body. Any idea why engine idling too high (3000 rpm in park 2000 rpm in drive)?
Hmm.. OK, Yes the main thing that will do something like that is 'off timing' and vacuum leaks. This egine has a timing chain, so we won't worry too much about the timing thing just yet. I would spray around all the gaskets and hoses looking for a vacuum leak first. Also make sure the throttle closes completely (of course). Here is a link to a pdf which I have put together for you explaining how to 'set' the IAC, and explaining the same thing..

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you,

I suspect a vacuum leak, but I didn't realize this would cause high idling.
Yes, On fuel injected engines, all of the air that enters the engine is measured.. That is why the throttle is supposed to be completely closed, because the IAC i actually nothing more than a computer controlled vacuum leak directly through the intake manifold. So, if there is another leak somewhere.. IT will just make the IAC... useless.
If you have an engine light on, though.. I can probably go into more detail in pointing you in the right direction of the leak, but I would need the codes out of the computer.. and it is not too safe to drive idling at 3 grand.. so.. there goes that! Undecided
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It just so happens I have a service engine soon light that I had analized at the local Auto Zone yesterday. Two codes P0301 (Cylinder misfire detected-cylinder number 1), and P0404 (EGR system fault). I replaced plugs and wires and drove back to have anaylized with the same results. I should also mention that this is my daughters car which she's had since 2004 with few problems. I rarely drive this car but I can't tell by the way it drives and runs that its missing??
Well there.. A sticking EGR will cause a vacuum leak too.. internally. It might be dirty or just plain stuck open.. With the misfire, I would be looking at compression in the engine and condition of the spark plug in that #1 cylinder (may even be a problem with the crank sensor).. The EGR needs to be commanded open and closed (with a scantool) and then voltage from the 'signal' monitored at both settings, if it is clean and not stuck open.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX
Sure.. let me know if you need anything else .