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2006 Vue. The windshield washer fluid doesnt spray. Husband

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2006 Vue. The windshield washer fluid doesn't spray. Husband very experienced with cars, tried several things. Can hear the pump eeeeemmm sound, but no spray. He took off the hose, dropped in some water, blew into the hose and and water came out all the way at the sprayer on the driver's side of the window.
No spray on the rear window either. Just the sound. He thinks maybe the pump needs replacing. What do you think?
Hello, and welcome. just so I make sure I understand your concern correctly, the washer pump runs, but there is no spray on the front windshield or rear glass, is this correct?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes, the pump sounds like its running, the fluid tank is full, but not coming through the lines. front or rear = none working. extra info: the fluid tank had run dry for a couple of days before it was re-filled. would that cause a problem? that was about a week ago, it sprayed fine for a day or two after that, then stopped.

Ok, that is good added info about the tank being empty. you are thinking right on this problem. on the washer pump itself, there is a check valve, looks like a round black valve. this valve has a rubber check valve assembly. this will sometimes will stick and not allow washer fluid thru. this check valve is part of the washer pump. so yes, you have made all the right checks and a replacement assembly is in order.


If there is anything you dont understand, please feel free to ask me to explain

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the answer! So, is this a piece of the pump that I can order from a local auto parts supply store, or is an entirely new pump needed? If so, can I get it from auto supply, or must it be from dealership?
the pump and check valve comes a assembly, gm replacement part list for $61.97.a delaer would be your best bet, . some of the aftermarket washer pumps come as unversal pumps which require some more work to install.
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