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Experience:  ASE Master Technician , Saab Master Technician w/ 35 years Dealer Experience in Advanced Level Diag.
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Saab 9-3 2.0T: I have a 1999 saab 9-3 2.0L base model. I read

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I have a 1999 saab 9-3 2.0L base model. I read instructions on how to change the balance chain as well as the timing chain, and sprockets and balance tensioner while in the car. The instructions listed every saab 9-3 model, and stated "except 9-3 2.T sedan". I have a 9-3 2.0 5 door (sedan?). Why would it say this?
GreetingsCustomer Thank you for requesting my services. I am unsure why this would be in the instructions , since there is no 1999 Saab 9-3 4 dr. sedan available in the United States. May be a misprint or may be for a model available in a different market (country). Your vehicle will be the same as the listed instructions you are referring to. I will add that I have replaced MANY chain setups on 9-3 vehicles and it is quite difficult to remove the timing chain cover with the engine in the vehicle without removing the cylinder head assembly. If you are planning to do it in the vehicle I highly recommend removal of the cylinder head and replacement of the gasket and cylinder head stretch bolts. These were a problem due to the stretch bolts loosening over time and causing leaks both internally and externally. If I can assist further I will be happy to help with any other questions. Thank you, Jeffrey
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry, your reply ended up in my junk email box. I realize the other option is to pull the engine which I wouldn't look forward to. a couple of weeks ago, I replaced the head with a remanufactured one, complete with cams, valves seals, new guides (ready to go) plus new head bolts and thinking I was going to roll a new timing chain in, realized through research that the balance chain should also be replaced. Makes sense. I then purchased a complete kit that includes both chains, all sprockets, guides, balance chain tensioner, cam sprockets, crank seal etc.. everything for $207 from Now I'm trying to decide if I want to get into it. It's got to be easier than that darn head replacement. What do you think?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, Jeffrey, I'm going to tackle this when I take a weeks vacation in July, so that I am not without a car on say Monday when I have to be at work. This will take a little stress off me! Thanks for your advice!