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1999 Saab: only key..VIN number..a code

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My daughter lost her only key to her 1999 Saab 9-3. We have the VIN number. Is there any way that a dealership could get the computer code from the car's computer and make a replacement key? Or could we contact the actual manufacturer wherever Saab's are made and give them the VIN number to have a key made? We're desperate!

Hello....If you lost your last key with remote you are in a really bad situation because now you have two choices: need to buy a brand new twice module at least with one key and then the module and the key has to be programed to the car.Very expensive proposition. 2nd you can look for a used twice module (on line auction site or used parts yard ) and need to be programed to the car also.To program the twice module and key you need to take the car to the dealer or any repair shop with Tech 2 scanner.Make sure you have at least two keys(max 4 keys and remotes) to get everything programed at same time...The keys and remotes are not to expensive the twice module is....good luck ....Accept my answer if i helped...thank you...

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there no way that the dealership can get that computer code from the car's computer? Do you know if the Saab manufacturer (wherever those cars are made) could make a replacement key with the VIN number?

If the answers to the above questions are "No", do you know of any reliable online auction sites that would have the twice module for this car? Are the twice modules made by Saab or does somebody make after market twice modules that are cheaper? Will a dealership that doesn't sell us the twice module be receptive to programming one for us that we've purchased from someone else? Given the age of the car, would you suggest that we buy a used module? How much money are we talking about?

Car running with everything new from dealer ,about 1200 dollars...If you want a used one,you can always have it done in shop with that scanner it is a oem GM scanner there are places that have it...

99electrical Part Other
Saab 9 3
TWICE CONTROL FROM UNDER DRIVER'S SEBA-1220$250South Windsor Auto Parts, Inc. - QRP Partner USA-CT(East-Windsor) E-mail 1-800-562-0137

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Just a few more questions, please. The place you have listed, South Windsor Auto Parts, is that for a used twice module? My daughter's new to DC, so should she call repair shops and ask if they have a oem GM scanner? Would a repair shop also be able to make replacement keys? If it were you, would you take it to a repair shop or would you take it to a Saab dealership?

Yes it is a used twice module (so far is the only one i found listed on used parts yard)

The problem is you have to find one module with a least one key and then buy another 1 or 2 keys from dealer and have them programed...i would call the dealer to see if they would program the twice mod. and the keys...they usually do not like to work with used parts....If they don't there is always another shop that will do it...

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do you know the dealer's cost of the twice module? (The guy who sold us the car has a good relationship with a Saab dealer and said he could probably purchase one for us at wholesale.) Would you purchase a new one if you could get it wholesale or would you purchase a used one? The parts manager in DC said we were looking at about $1600+. He said the computer (I guess that's the twice module) is $890, 2 keys would be $360, and labor would run a few hundred dollars. I'm sick about the cost, but I'm worried that if we purchase a used one, it could quit working and then we'd be back in the same boat. Would a new twice module have a warranty? Do you know if the used parts yard offer warranties? I promise I'll quit asking questions after this one. You've been very helpful.
Yes .the new one from dealer is 890.oo the keys i am not sure because there are a few diferent ones(with saab logo w/out saab logo and diferent bottoms) If you can get the new one for a good price and maybe this same person can get you the keys, if so get the new one.I am not working for Saab anymore but the last Saab i had this problem was less then 2 years ago and i think the custmer paid about 1200 dollars...The used parts yard only give 30 days ,the dealer is a least 1 year....good luck...thank you...
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