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I'm trying to locate the satellite coax in the rear roof

Customer Question

I'm trying to locate the satellite coax in the rear roof satellite prep location and can't find it. I located the conduit for the front and was able to run the coax from the roof to the front cabinet. The coach is a Newmar Dutch Star 3736
JA: What's the make/model/year of your RV?
Customer: 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 3736
JA: What is the model of your '15 RV?
Customer: 3736
JA: Are you fixing your RV yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Yes I am installing the satellite myself. I have located the 2 plates on the roof where the conduit is located for the coax to run from the satellite to the front cap into the cabinet where the satellite receive is to be located. THat caox is now installed. I cannot locate the "pre-installed coax that is supposed to run to the rear TV.
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: The conduit is located inside a larger rubber locater. So I can't see around the outside of the conduit and didn't want to cut a larger hole unless that is where the coax to the rear is located
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.

Hi my name is Robert...

Are you not finding the coax on the roof or inside the cabinet?


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.


If it was pre wired it should be with the other one for the front. What you might need to do if you are not seeing this is run the coax on the roof to that second receiver in the rear, you would want to use some plastic clamps every 12" to 24" and then use 1/4" stainless screws and seal them with dicor, punch a hole in the roof going into the cabinet and then use a coax cable plate with stainless screws to cover the coax cable. I understand if you are not up to this idea and I only suggest that because I have installed them like that before, as long as the cable is secured and the screws sealed it should not be an issue at all, I know some customers do not like doing that to the roof.

I might also try and call Newmar and see if they can verify if and where the coax is for the rear, I would think they would be able to verify that info for you. Normally that coax will be coiled up in the styr0foam in the roof near the other coax for the front, it is possible that it did not get run or it is in a different location....

My goal is for you to be satisfied with my efforts IF you want to try another expert on this please let me know... Robert

Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.

Hi... Was just checking in to see if my answer helped??? IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me..


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Robert. I'm Out of town until Monday so I can't follow up till then but here is the situation so far. The forward most hole I was able to locate the conduit and pull cord, I ran the coax it is complete. The hole I drilled where the conduit was located was 1 1/4 inches which is the size of the conduit. I can't see around it unless I drill a second hole of make it larger. I don't want to do either without reasonable assurances that the coax cable to the rear is laying there.
The rear most hole is also 1 1/4 inches and I have use an inspection camera to look around inside for the coax and only see electrical wiring and is insulation. I can open this hole up more but again don't want to without reasonable assurances that the coax is laying in there.I removed the wall plate in the bedroom that is marked "coax to roof" and it is white in color. The Newmar customer support rep assured me the coax from the bedroom would be right where the rear access plate was located which is where I drilled the rear access hole. I can't see the cable and I have used a long round narrow bar to fish around through the insulation to try and find it. I'm suspecting that the cable may be laying alongside the conduit and I need a larger hole to access it. Newmar sent me a pic of a diagram from a 2012 drawing but it isn't consistent with what I am experiencing. I don't think the reps know for sure where the cable is located either. Attached are photos of the locations where I drilled prior. I didn't take pics after anf can't till Monday..
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.

It should be there in the insulation but I have seen some strange things over the years where cables do not get run etc.

I see two plates and the SAT up front, the one without the plate did you open that up, how about the rear plate with the cover on it?

Sometimes that cable is loose as well try moving it around from the rear and see if you can at least hear it moving and try and follow the path the best you can.

It would be OK to make the hole bigger I would just pack it full of Dicor before you put the plate on...

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I opened both locations, front and rear. The conduit was in the front and nothing but electrical wires and insulation in the rear.The coax wall plate I opened is located in a lower cabinet on the driver's side. The driver's side of the coach has a slide that is about 3/4s of the entire driver's side in length. I can't see where the cable goes up or down from its location in the bedroom as it is behind the cabinet. Do the cables that are located in a slide generally go up through the top of the slide or out the bottom to a stationary wall and then up the stationary wall to the roof?
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.

Normally in the slide they will be on the bottom with other wires and then run upwards OR they do not go through the slide, into an adjacent cabinet and then to the roof.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
No adjacent cabinet, the closest stationary wall is the rear bathroom. Otherwise, bedroom wall that separates the guest 1/2 bath. I need to look underneath to see if I can locate where that cable exits.
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.

Yes I would look to see where that cable is located on the bottom....

No hurry on my end, let me know if you still need more help..


Expert:  Robert replied 5 months ago.

Was just checking in to see if you made any progress on this.. Let me know if you still need more help..... Robert

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Robert;Thanks for the follow up. I gave up on the rear cable. My coach goes in for warranty replacement of the furniture next month. I talked to service department and they said they can locate it. So I just finished up the front television set up and will wait on the rear. I had to get the roof sealed up as I am leaving on a trip in a week.Thanks for your suggestions.Randy
Expert:  Robert replied 5 months ago.

Thanks for the update on this.

My goal is for you to be satisfied with my efforts, I only get credit when you select a star rating on the page, if you are not satisfied please let me know and I can request a refund for you. I try my very best but it can be a challenge online....