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2005 Executive 45 CAQ. Park coach and let it just sit for

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2005 Executive 45 CAQ. Park coach and let it just sit for the night. Next morning the coach is leaning to the curb side. If I dump air, then it will stay level. We just purchased this a couple of months ago and still learning the systems. I tried to use the auto level and that does not seem to work well. Auxillary air compressor will keep kicking in. We have replaced two air solenoids which we found leaking. One on tandem and one on tag axels but still have the same problem. Any idea where we might be loosing air? Have NOT been able to locate any other leaks.

Hi my name is Robert....

Finding air leaks can be difficult and time consuming. What you can do is get a spray bottle and put about 1/4 cup of liquid soap inside, park the coach like you normally do and then start spraying down all the plumbing, bags etc, look for any bubbling on everything that was sprayed down, if you see any bubbling then it is leaking air'' I would start at the bags and the fittings on the bags, sometimes they can crack and cause problems. Sometimes you have to let the solution sit and then go back and recheck. I am not sure if you tried this method or not, if you have please let me know...... Robert

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
we have used the old bottle and soap trick. That is how we found the leaks to date. Thought you might have a secret place to look in mind.

I would focus on the air bag fittings for the side that is going down, they can be difficult to get at as they are on top of the bag.... You might also want to try and reach out to Monaco tech support and see if they have seen this issue for this particular model, they do have a number for customers and can be reached at ***-***-****

IF I think of anything else I will let you know.... Robert

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Well we have talked to the Monaco tech reps and they can only say keep looking. That is why I reached out to another source. Didn't get much more info.

Only other item I can think of is if you had a ride height valve that was leaking down for that side, I have seen them do that before. Also pin holes in the air bag or a cracked air fitting. If you decide to have the ride height valve changed out I would do the one on the other side as well, they should be changed out in sets. After they are replaced the ride height needs to be set and the unit driven and re-checked. I only recommend changing them your self if you have jack stands and are comfortable being under the chassis. Monaco would have the specs for that as well.

My goal is for you to be satisfied with my efforts, if you would like to try another expert please let me know, I only get credit when you select a rating at the top of the page... Robert

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