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Our 95 Coachman inside power is out - we were running the

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Our 95 Coachman inside power is out - we were running the generator boon docking when we switched the front AC to the rear. When we did that, we here a pop and now we have no power from the generator. I have tried the fuse switch on the generator and it shows that it is on. So, what am I missing? I don't know this vehicle very well. Some troubleshooting would be awesome!

Hi my name is Robert.....

Few questions for you.... Are you missing ALL the AC power, that would be the outlets, microwave, TVS etc OR are you missing ALL the power, lights, furnace etc...

DO you have to physically plug a cord into an outlet near the generator to allow AC power into the RV???

This might take some going back and forth.....


Was just checking in to see if you still need help on this... Follow ups are included...


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Sorry Robert - they froze my account because my payment didn't got through - all straight now. So to answer some questions - I have NO power anywhere in the RV. We were running the generator when my wife tried switch to the rear AC instead of the front when she heard a loud click and then no power. Generator runs great, and the fuse on the outside of the generator is not tripped.
The generator is PART of the RV in a bay under the RV. I haven't tried plugging the RV into a 30amp circuit yet, but could do that tonight to see if I get power that way.
Thanks for your quick reply, so sorry for the delay!

Yes I would plug in and see if you get power...

Normally the generator will have a breaker on it that is a switch or button so you want to look for that as well. IF you can not find a breaker please get me the make and model of the generator. IF you have all your power when you are plugged in and the breaker on the generator is not tripped then you could have a transfer switch issue, it detects the incoming power source and switches back and forth between shore and generator power. DO you have to plug a cord in at the generator to allow AC power into the RV???


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
We don't have to plug in a cord to get AC power into the RV - it goes through the transfer or converter (whatever that is). I am going to send my daughters out to the RV (I'm at the office) and see if there is power inside when they plug it in - just have them check the microwave.
As far as the generator, it's a breaker switch type, and that was what I was referring to looking like it is not tripped. It looks fine.


Let me know if you have power when plugged in, that will be the key...


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Alright - we have working power when it is plugged in - so....
Let me know what to check next :)


SO it could be an issue with the TS (Transfer Switch) the TS will detect that incoming AC voltage and switch between shore and generator power, when they fail you will get no power on one source, it can happen on shore or generator power. You will need to find the TS and when the generator is running confirm you have AC power going into it AND AC power coming out of it, if you have AC power going in and nothing coming out it has failed and would need to be replaced, if you do NOT have voltage at the TS then it is an issue with the generator, check the breaker again turn it off and then back on.

Location of the TS will vary, sometimes it is outside in a box next to the shore cord, other times it can be inside the RV, in back of the breaker panel, under the bed, etc. Try and follow BOTH the shore cord and generator cord as they will lead right to the TS.....

Hope this makes sense, if you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, IF you are satisfied with my efforts please feel free to select a rating at the top of the page, it is the only way I get credit for helping, you can still follow up if needed... Robert

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Ok - Ill try to look at that tonight -
Also, if it is the TS then if you could send me the part number that would be awesome!

Would be hard for me to know the part number, you will have to find it and most will have a sticker on them with the make and model.. Let me know if you still need more help....


Hi... Was just checking in to see if my answer helped, IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me...


Robert and other RV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I'm going to include where it looks like it comes together. Is this the ats?
Also - not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I can't start the generator without actually starting the RV (engine). It's weird

Did not get the picture, try using the paper clip icon....


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Try now


That is the power converter, it takes the AC voltage and makes the DC voltage when you are plugged in OR have the generator going, it should also charge the battery....

You should have a point where both the shore cord and generator cord are coming into the RV, you would see the cords going to the Transfer switch, sometimes they are in metal box next to the shore cord, but they can also be inside, try and follow the cords the best you can.....