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Have a Allison MD3060 in a motorhome 1996. Upon trying to

Customer Question

Good Morning. Have a Allison MD3060 in a motorhome 1996. Upon trying to start, it will not start. Display on push button selector has cat eyes. Tried to reset according to the operators manual but would not reset. Do not shift light stays on. Checked oil and has oil. Transmission worked perfect from Arizona to Montana. Been parked for 4 days. Thank you. Jeff
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.

The first thing to check is voltage, you should have 2 connections directly at the batteries for the Allison controls there should be a 10 amp fuse on the power supply. The connections must be tight and without any corrosion. The do not shift light means that a diagnostic code is active, When the keypad is responding follow this sequence to check codes. 1) Ignition on RV not running. 2) Push the up and down arrows on the shifter at the same time and release. 3) If the keypad shows OL 70,push the up and down arrows again and release 4) you should now see D1 followed by a 4 digit code such as 35-00. I suspect if you have a 12 volt power problem this is the code you will see. You can write the code down and then press the mode button once to proceed to D2, and so on keep writing down the codes and pressing the mode button once until there are no further codes recorded. "Such as D4 - -. Another cause of cat eyes can be a poor connection at the shifter itself, make sure the cannon plug is tight at the shifter, finally and hopefully not the cause is a malfunctioning ECU, an Allison dealer can check that out and see if it is the issue.
I would suggest checking the codes and if you find a 35-00 checking the batteries first make sure all your cables are clean and tight, Also try and disconnect ALL the battery cables for about 20 mins and see if it clears for you..... Hope this helps some... Robert