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I have a class c citation. 24' When connected to 120v all

Customer Question

I have a class c citation. 24'
When connected to 120v all 12v systems work. When disconnected from 120v all 12v systems are dead. Batteries show full charge on panel and volt meter shows 14.9' so converter must be charging. Disconnect switch by door glows green when in 120v, both when pushed up to connect and down to disconnect. With no 120v connected there is no green light on disconnect switch in any position. Can' t find any blown fuses. Generates will make feeble noise when starter is engaged but not even close to a start. That is with 120v connected. Am in AK facing a rather unpleasant drive south if I can't resolve this problem. Robert Stephens
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 1 year ago.

Hi, it appears that the battery disconnect solenoid is not 'closing' that would be the first place to look, listen for the click when you use the switch, and this will direct you to where the solenoid it. check both sides of the solenoid for power when disconnected from power, the other concern I have is the sluggish response to the generator, the gen is normally hooked directly to the battery, and while it appears that the converter is working, with battery not connecting to the system you are not getting the benifit of the charge sent by the converter, also make sure the batteries are good, and full of water, take a look around, and let me know what you see, and we will progress with this, thanks Michael

Expert:  Michael Reush replied 1 year ago.

Hi have not heard from you for a bit, wondering how you are getting along, thanks Michael

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have very limited accses to the Internet here in AK. I checked the batteries for water and charge. Full of water and 14.9v with and without 120v. When I use the chassis battery disconnect switch I can hear no click. Also I thought I remembered the green light on the switch went out when the switch was in disconnect mode, but it stays on at all times when 120v are on and no light in any possition w/o 120v. I have been unable to locate the disconnect solenoid as I don' even know what it looks like. I think it must be back right behind the converter where there are fuses on wires that by color come from the disconnect switch,all good. In any case I will not be able to find a new solenoid until I get south somewhere. I am wondering if maybe the switch could be bad and if so could I bypass it by connecting wires that are connected to the switch? The generater not getting enough power to start baffles me since the batteries are putting out plenty of voltage. I haven't checked the voltage at the generater, as I just thought of doing so and I have come into town, so will do that when I get back to tha rv.
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 1 year ago.

Hi you can bypass the solenoid there are battery connections on the left and right, Take the wire off of either side, and put it with the other, this creates the connection, here is a photo of the solenoid, thanks clickhere follow the large red positive wire from the house batteries, and you will find it upstream