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I have a 2008 Cougar 310 SRX with a Super slide. When I

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Cougar 310 SRX with a Super slide. When I tried this spring to put the slide out it will not extend out. The end of the slide near the front tries to go out but the end of the slide toward the back of the fifth wheel does not move. Do you have any suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

That usually would indicate that either a bolt or roll pin on the side not moving has sheared off or come loose. This would be on the gear tracks underneath. When a roll pin shears it can be hard to see when it doesn't fall out. You have to watch the gear and shaft carefully to see if they move together or separately. Take a look at that as someone moves the room just a bit and let me know what you see and we can go from there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
On this unit the entire underside is covered in( Polar Version). do I have to remove the covering to get at the gear and shaft? This will take me a couple of days because my unit is currently in storage about 30 miles from here. The slide was working properly when I put the unit into storage a year ago, and hasn't been used since until yesterday. I sprayed the track with Dry Lub Spray for slides and cycled it back and forth when it went into storage. That end of the slide doesn't even attempt to move and the front end moves but only for about an inch and then binds and makes a loud clicking sound.
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

IF you can see the gear tracks then you should see the cross shaft. If this was working when you stored it, I wouldn't think this would happen. If I know the make of your slide hardware it would help. Some have more than one motor and that might be in play here.

Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

Just checking back to see if you were able to resolve this issue or do you still need some additional input from me?