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This is in reference to my 2004 Itasca Horizon 40kd, 4UZAAHB5X4CM8419

Customer Question

This is in reference to my 2004 Itasca Horizon 40kd, 4UZAAHB5X4CM84192. The Transmission Oil Temp gage was replaced but the two Diesel Shops I took it to have no idea on how to hook it up to the sending unit. This is what one technician had to say.
Customer states that the transmission temp gauge is INOP. Check and advise. Checked the wiring and operation. Found that it is chained to boost gauge. Swapped and cleared the issue.
Got RV and found that the trans and the boost gauge are not sweeping. Brought it around, started looking up the trouble shooting for this and there are a lot different set up on the gauges and some will not sweep. went out and revved eng. The boost gauge moves . Went and started reading up on the systems. They all are run through the MMCD and they all use the data link cable that are the same as on test. Suggest to switch them and watch. Removed the back cover and found they are correct on the harness. Plugs are all the same. Switched them and the gauges still work on the one and I am warming it up but it looks like the trans gauge is moving. Got the gauge to move to center. Reads fine. Note it only will move if the trans is working such as in gear. Checked with hand held temp gun and matches gauges. As soon as you let off of it it will start to drop.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Wayne replied 1 year ago.
Hi I'm Wayne I will try to help you with this does this have the Allison 300 Trans let me know,Please